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Starcursed Voidstrider

Ability mount voidelfstridermount [Starcursed Voidstrider] is the racial mount of void elves.

“Some of our brethren prefer horses, but the hawkstrider will always be the true symbol of Silvermoon.”


The hawkstrider is a large flightless bird that is the blood elves' racial mount. As their name implies, hawkstriders resemble the tallstrider family, though their plumage is both larger and more vibrant. They come in a variety of bright colors and have a thin, curved beak and burning orange eyes. Epic versions include decorative armor on the chest and head. The hawkstrider's movements exhibit the same rhythmic, back-and-forth motion which characterizes the other two-legged mounts. They use a heavily modified tallstrider model, but they possess a wildly different looking exterior and a unique standing-jump and running animation.

When Kael'thas led his followers to the ruined world of Outland, the vibrant hawkstriders that were brought with them proved to be welcome reminders of the blood elves’ beauteous home in Quel'Thalas. Valued for their trustworthiness and speed, these colorful avian creatures embody the inherent splendor of the forests within the blood elven kingdom. While tragedy has befallen Quel’Thalas in recent years, the hawkstriders remain an integral part of the elves’ day-to-day lives.[2]

The shadow-infused striders embody the void elves' commitment to harness the power of the Void in the name of the Alliance.[3]



As a mount[]

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A few hawkstriders available from the mount vendor.

Swift Hawkstrider TCG

Hawkstriders are sold by Winaestra located at the exterior stables south of Silvermoon City in the Eastern Kingdoms. Trellis Morningsun the Silvermoon Quartermaster in Icecrown also sells two unique hawkstriders. Vasarin Redmorn the Sunreavers Quartmaster also sells a hawkstrider.

Mount Name Availability Required riding skill Required Level
Black Hawkstrider [Black Hawkstrider] 1g Riding (75) 20
Blue Hawkstrider [Blue Hawkstrider] 1g Riding (75) 20
Purple Hawkstrider [Purple Hawkstrider] 1g Riding (75) 20
Red Hawkstrider [Red Hawkstrider] 1g Riding (75) 20
Swift Purple Hawkstrider [Swift Purple Hawkstrider] 10g Riding (150) 40
Swift Green Hawkstrider [Swift Green Hawkstrider] 10g Riding (150) 40
Swift Pink Hawkstrider [Swift Pink Hawkstrider] 10g Riding (150) 40
Sunreaver Hawkstrider [Sunreaver Hawkstrider] 100 Champion's Seal Riding (150) 40
Silvermoon Hawkstrider [Silvermoon Hawkstrider] 100 Champion's Seal Riding (150) 40
Swift Red Hawkstrider [Swift Red Hawkstrider] 5 Champion's Seal 500g Riding (150) 40
Swift White Hawkstrider [Swift White Hawkstrider] Kael'thas Sunstrider Riding (150) 40

As a companion pet[]

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Inv pet egbert [Egbert's Egg] is a possible reward from B [10-70] Back to the Orphanage.

Quotes about hawkstriders[]

  • "So I says I feel like chicken tonight. Next thing, I am flat out and that thing is trying to see what my eyes taste like." -Bozzle Blastbolt[4]
  • "Their plumage is more beautiful than any other. Subtlety is for the birds! I mean... other birds." -Viera Sunwhisper[5]
  • "You watch what happens when their master is attacked and you will see those birds in a whole new light." - Raider Bork[6]
  • "I demand speed, grace, and discipline on the battlefield.. this one will serve nicely." -Eressea Dawnsinger
  • "What do you mean is it dyed? Oh, the bird. We did touch up the red a little." -Trellis Morningsun