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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Hazu'Asnab was a nerubian spiderlord. He gave a human female who had taken several artifacts from the Scourge a spidersilk scroll that promised her safe conduct through nerubian lands and excellent compensation for the artifacts. The woman died and her corpse was found and looted by a goblin. Brann Bronzebeard bought the artifacts in Gadgetzan and took the letter, both to finish her task and allow him a chance to interact with the nerubians. The words on the scroll according to Brann were "I bear tokens against the Scourge! Hazu'Asnab commands that you permit me safe passage! I carry his seal!" Brann then said he traded the artifacts for six days and nights among them in the Sundered Monolith and safe passage. The document would not do him any good after that.[1]

The scroll is unofficially known as Brann's document.


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