NeutralHazzik's Bargain
Start Hazzik
End Hazzik
Level 15-30
Category Skettis
Experience 6250 (as gold)
Reputation +75 Sha'tari Skyguard
Previous N [15-30] Countdown to Doom
Next N [15-30] A Shabby Disguise

This quest becomes available after N [15-30] Countdown to Doom is completed.


Obtain  [Hazzik's Package] at his dwelling in eastern Skettis and return to him with it.


Do not draw attention to our conversation. Adaris would not approve.

I belong to the lowest caste of arakkoa, <name>. During Terokk's rule I would've been sacrificed to the dark powers worshipped by his talonpriests. If what you say is true and the talonpriests are seeking Terokk's return, then you must prevent them from succeeding - regardless of what your leader says!

I've something to offer you that you'll find useful. There is a package at my old dwelling in Upper Veil Shil'ak. Bring it to me!


You've returned, <name>. I was beginning to think you'd given up on me.


Excellent, <name>. You will see that I'm true to my word.



Hazzik's Package is located inside a small hut on the ground, at 75,80. There is a timer on the box; if someone has picked it up recently, you may have to wait a few minutes.


This is part of the the Terokk's Downfall quest chain.

  1. N [15-30] Ishaal's Almanac
  2. N [15-30] An Ally in Lower City
  3. N [15-30] Countdown to Doom
  4. N [15-30] Hazzik's Bargain
  5. N [15-30] A Shabby Disguise
  6. N [15-30G3] Adversarial Blood
  7. N [15-30G5] Terokk's Downfall

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