Hazzik's Bargain

Neutral 32.pngHazzik's Bargain
Start Hazzik
End Hazzik
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Skettis
Experience 6250 (as gold)
Reputation +75 Sha'tari Skyguard
Previous Neutral 15.png [70] Countdown to Doom
Next Neutral 15.png [70] A Shabby Disguise

This quest becomes available after Neutral 15.png [70] Countdown to Doom is completed.


Obtain Hazzik's Package at his dwelling in eastern Skettis and return to him with it.


Do not draw attention to our conversation. Adaris would not approve.

I belong to the lowest caste of arakkoa, <name>. During Terokk's rule I would've been sacrificed to the dark powers worshipped by his talonpriests. If what you say is true and the talonpriests are seeking Terokk's return, then you must prevent them from succeeding - regardless of what your leader says!

I've something to offer you that you'll find useful. There is a package at my old dwelling in Upper Veil Shil'ak. Bring it to me!


You've returned, <name>. I was beginning to think you'd given up on me.


Excellent, <name>. You will see that I'm true to my word.



Hazzik's Package is located inside a small hut on the ground, at 75,80. There is a timer on the box; if someone has picked it up recently, you may have to wait a few minutes.


This is part of the the Terokk's Downfall quest chain.

  1. Neutral 15.png [70] Ishaal's Almanac
  2. Neutral 15.png [70] An Ally in Lower City
  3. Neutral 15.png [70] Countdown to Doom
  4. Neutral 15.png [70] Hazzik's Bargain
  5. Neutral 15.png [70] A Shabby Disguise
  6. Neutral 15.png [70G3] Adversarial Blood
  7. Neutral 15.png [70G5] Terokk's Downfall
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