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Health, health points or hit points (HP) is used to denote the life level for all creatures. When a creature's health falls to zero or below, it dies.

The maximum amount of health a player character has is determined by a combination of the character's level and stamina while the health of NPCs is pre-set by the game developers. Certain classes also have buffs which temporarily or permanently increase maximum health, such as a Warrior's [Rallying Cry] or [Stance of the Sturdy Ox]. In general, for player characters tanks have the largest amounts of health while healers and damage dealers have less. For NPCs, raid bosses have the largest amounts of health while trash mobs generally have the least.

Some (generally older) items provide passive bonuses to maximum health, and there are also low-level enchants that can give additional increases to health as well.


All player characters have an innate replenishment rate for health out of combat based on character level, which can be increased by sitting down and eating various forms of food. In combat, health does not naturally replenish, but can be restored via healing as well as potions from alchemists and tinkers from engineers. Some talents such as [Spirit Bond] will replenish health in and out of combat.

An NPC's health will immediately recover to full if it despawns or travels too far from its normal spawn location after it completes its retreat back to its starting point.

Base health

Prior to Warlords of Draenor, players had base health value that was independent of stamina. This value could then subsequently be modified by talents, stamina, enchants, and other item effects. With the release of Warlords, all characters' health derives solely from their stamina and level.


  • [Fel Armor] boosts maximum health by a flat percentage. You should remove the effect of this talent after doing the computation.