The rate at which health points regenerate is referred to as health regeneration.

The Health regeneration has Changed with Patch 4.0.1. "Health regeneration uses a new formula. Outside of combat, all classes regenerate a percentage of their maximum health per second before the effects of abilities."

  • Every two seconds, there is one tick of health regeneration. The value is a percentage of the maximum health, though this percentage decreases with level.
  • Health Regeneration is increased by 33% while sitting.
  • Trolls regenerate 110% of this amount while out of combat, and 11% of this amount while in combat, due to their racial ability [Regeneration].
  • At level 1, health regeneration is 20% of maximum health per 2 seconds. Because it is so high, it is impossible to drown a level 1 character.


No health regeneration occurs during combat, with the exception of the troll racial ability [Regeneration].

Despite this, items that either say "Restores X health [every|per] 5 sec." or "+X Health Regeneration" will regenerate health at all times (even during combat). One point of "Health Regeneration" is the same as 1 health every 5 seconds.

Patch Changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Health regeneration is no longer affected by spirit.