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Heart of the Forest interior.

The Heart of the Forest, also known as the dream tree Tirna Achiad,[1] the Forest's Heart,[2] or the Heart of Ardenweald,[3] in central Ardenweald is from where the Winter Queen and her Court of Night rule over the realm. The interior of the tree is the Covenant Sanctum for the Night Fae Covenant.


Tirna Achiad's exterior.

The Heart of the Forest is one room centered upon the heart[4] of Tirna Achiad in the center. Above the heart is a platform for the Winter Queen and the Court of Night. To reach it, you must interact with Attendant Sparkledew.

The external part of the Heart of the Forest, accessible to all, currently serves as a "refugee camp". Marasmius has a root network station inside the tree.


Tirna Achiad was the first dream tree of Ardenweald. After Ardenweald and the Night Fae arose, the first mortal soul appeared, to whom the Winter Queen asked how it was there if it was neither fae nor spirit. The mortal soul had been sent to Ardenweald for devoting themselves to nature in life. The Winter Queen welcomed them and granted them the Boon of Shapes, to allow the mortal soul to become as the wild creatures.[1]

The magic of the Heart of the Forest was used to ensure the Maw would be inescapable to banish The Jailer forever. The anima drought has caused the Heart to wither and it needs more anima than Ardenweald has if it's going to keep The Jailer bound within the Maw.[5][6] The Queen decreed that the Heart of the Forest's magic is cultivated, and that can't be done without mortal souls destined for Ardenweald that were trapped in the Maw, Maw Walker is sent to bring the unjustly trapped from the countless souls in the Maw.[7][8]



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