For the quest-starting item, see  [Heart of the Mantid Swarm].

Heart of the Mantid Swarm is an exploration achievement earned for seeking out information behind the mantid.

The four mantid lore idols and their locations are:

Upon interaction with the fourth lore object, adventurers will immediately gain 2000 reputation with the Lorewalkers, and Lorewalker Cho sends a letter via the in-game mail system:

Secrets of the Mantid

Greetings, <name>.

I have heard that you have ventured to uncover the dark secrets of the mantid. Please join me at the Seat of Knowledge and I will help give you some perspective on this unique culture.

Included should be a map to our location. I look forward to our next meeting.

Lorewalker Cho

Attached is  [Heart of the Mantid Swarm], which begins a quest, N [90] Heart of the Mantid Swarm.

Location map


  • This achievement's name is likely a reference to Heart of the Swarm, the second expansion of StarCraft II.

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