Heartblood is a Bleeding Hollow village in eastern Tanaan Jungle located near the Dark Portal. During the Assault on the Dark Portal, this was the first place the surviving champions from Azeroth fled after closing the Dark Portal. It contained a number of large cages containing draenei and Frostwolf prisoners, presumably for sacrifice at the Bleeding Altar to the east. Khadgar and his companions freed the slaves and burned down a number of huts in the village in order to slip through.

After the Dark Portal's destruction any remaining Bleeding Hollow orcs left to other villages, like Zeth'Gol. The area is now populated by Bleeding Hollow Looters and Bleeding Hollow Scavengers.


  • It was initially inaccessible in the reopened Tanaan Jungle as the Dark Portal and Umbral Halls blocked the eastern tip of the peninsula. When accessed from air, the player would be teleported out. After flying was implemented in Draenor the stairs of the Dark Portal was opened and the village is now accessible on foot, along with the Bleeding Altar and Kargathar Proving Grounds.
  • Like most subzones from the Assault on the Dark Portal, it does not have a marked area in the actual Tanaan Jungle zone.

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