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For the digital card game, see Hearthstone (game).
Inv misc rune 01
  • Hearthstone
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Returns you to <home location>. Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location.

A hearthstone in the TCG.

A hearthstone is an enchanted stone that can teleport the wielder to the location it is bound to, such as an inn. All characters receive a Hearthstone upon creation that returns them to their starting area. Asking an innkeeper to "make this inn your home" will set that as your new home location. Should the player destroy their hearthstone, they can recreate one by simply speaking to an innkeeper.


The Innkeeper's Daughter tcg

The Innkeeper's Daughter in the TCG.

A hearthstone is a palm-sized, oval-shaped crystal bound by arcane magic to a particular person and place. They can be used to instantly travel from any distance to the stone's origin point. Only the specific person that a stone is bound to can make use of it.[1] They are usually chiseled from a rare mineral,[2] though Lilian Voss owns a hearthstone made of a chunk of gravestone.[3] They are covered with glowing blue runes, one of them meaning "home" and the others referring to the location and person they're bound to.[1][4] Teleporting using a hearthstone is referred to as "hearthing"[3][5] and is done by holding the stone and concentrating until it flares and causes the holder to materialize at their destination.[1][6]

Changing an old hearthstone's spell patterns is a monumental task, but creating a new one even more so.[1] They can stop working if they become worn or damaged.[7][8] In order to change who a hearthstone is bound to, the owner and recipient both place their hands over each other while the recipient closes their hand tightly over the stone and concentrates, "taking it into themselves" and making it theirs, until a faint blue light lines both people's hands and the binding of the stone shifts to the new owner.[4] Twice, Tyrande Whisperwind has been able to use Elune's power to forcibly change who a hearthstone is bound to, but a stone can try to resist such an attempt if its current owner is still alive.[1]

Hearthstones are very rare artifacts. They are known to have been used in the Kaldorei Empire prior to the War of the Ancients. King Varian believed them to be only a legend, calling them "things heard only in stories concerning magi... or elves." Broll Bearmantle had only seen a hearthstone twice prior to the War Against the Nightmare.[1] Both the Alliance and Horde have lent hearthstones to adventurers to allow speedy relocation to areas in need of help.[9][10]

According to legend, the dwarven innkeeper Bryher Stonekeeper once made a deal with a gnome warlock to turn his daughter Keelin into a hearthstone so that she would always return home to her father's inn.[11] The Hearthsteed is a magical construct rumored to be chiseled from the same mineral as hearthstones.[2] Hearthy is an animated hearthstone crafted by a powerful wizard who refused to wear robes with pockets.[12]

Known hearthstones[]

The following is a list of specific hearthstones known to exist in the lore. For World of Warcraft items that function as hearthstones, see the "Similar items" section further down the page.

Hearthstone Owner(s) Bound to History
Ambassador's hearthstone IconSmall NightElf Female Night elf ambassador to Stormwind Darnassus An old hearthstone, originally brought by a refugee from Zin-Azshari during the War of the Ancients. Tyrande Whisperwind would've had it destroyed if it wasn't for the difficulty of creating new hearthstones. She instead used Elune's power to change the binding on it. It was later given to the night elf ambassador to Stormwind City and bound to Darnassus. After being transported to Stormwind during the War Against the Nightmare, Tyrande, Broll Bearmantle, and Thura sought the hearthstone so that one of them could return to Darnassus. The group was ambushed by the Nightmare and by the maddened ambassador, and only Broll made it back. He dropped the stone upon arrival to Darnassus, and it rolled out of sight and disappeared.[1]
Anduin's hearthstone IconSmall AnduinKing Anduin Wrynn
Formerly: IconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore
Stormwind Keep
Formerly: Jaina's Tower, Dustwallow Marsh
A hearthstone which Jaina Proudmoore arranged to be created specifically for Anduin Wrynn. She gave it to him shortly before the Cataclysm so he could come visit her in Theramore whenever his father was in one of his "Lo'Gosh moods".[4] The prince later used the hearthstone to escape Ironforge when it fell under the control of the Dark Iron clan.[6] Years later, Anduin attuned the stone to Stormwind instead.[13] After the Argus Campaign, he used it to quietly return to Stormwind after a visit to Darnassus.[14] During the War of the Thorns, he gave the hearthstone to Tyrande Whisperwind so she could save her husband Malfurion from Darkshore and return with him to Stormwind.[13][15]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Cracked Hearthstone] Unknown Tranquillien, Ghostlands An old hearthstone, good for only one more use. Lent by Dark Ranger Lenara to Banshee loyalist adventurers so they could meet with Sylvanas Windrunner after the Battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar.[8]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Faol's Hearthstone] IconSmall Alonsus Alonsus Faol Faol's Rest, Tirisfal Glades Lent by a Hooded Priestess to priest adventurers so they could meet with Faol.[16]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth Gary's Hearthstone IconSmall KulTiran Male Gary Cofferdam Drust Bar, Drustvar Used by Gary during combat, only for him to realize that it wasn't very helpful since he'd bound to it a spot only a few yards away.[17]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Gidwin's Hearthstone] IconSmall Dwarf Male Gidwin Goldbraids Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands Lent by Gidwin to adventurers after they rescued him from Baroness Anastari.[18]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Gilded Hearthstone] IconSmall Human Male Fleet Admiral Tethys Salty Sailor Tavern, Cape of Stranglethorn Lent by Tethys to rogue adventurers during the search for the Dreadblades.[19]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Glowing Hearthstone] IconSmall Maxwell Lord Maxwell Tyrosus Uther's Tomb, Western Plaguelands Lent by Tyrosus to paladin adventurers during the search for the Ashbringer.[20]
Heyman's Hearthstone IconSmall Unknown Heyman Heyman's Hubris, Isle of Thunder Found discarded at Heyman's Hideaway in Vol'dun.
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Lilian's Hearthstone] IconSmall Voss Lilian Voss Brill, Tirisfal Glades Lent by Lilian to Horde adventurers during the efforts to restore the Ruins of Lordaeron.[21]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Mossy Hearthstone] IconSmall Hamuul Hamuul Runetotem Moonglade Lent by Hamuul to druid adventurers so they could join the ritual to open the Emerald Dreamway.[22]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Thrall's Hearthstone] IconSmall Thrall3 Thrall Broken Tusk, Orgrimmar A hearthstone worn with age, lent by Thrall to orc adventurers during the quest to bring back the Kosh'harg.[23]
Achievement guildperk hastyhearth [Vol'jin's Hearthstone] IconSmall Vol'jin Vol'jin The Den, Durotar Lent by Vol'jin to Horde adventurers so they could find Thrall and tell him about the attempt on Vol'jin's life.[24]

In World of Warcraft[]

Blood elf using hearthstone

Casting Hearthstone

A player's hearthstone is a key adventuring item in the game. Upon moving to a new area or reaching a new continent's capital city, players will often want to bind their hearthstone to the local inn to allow efficient travel back to the area. Among the most common times to use it are:

  • after completing special events like the Darkmoon Faire or holiday activities;
  • before or after visiting capital cities to make use of the auction house, bank, profession trainers, and chat and trade with other players;
  • after finishing a "one-off" quest with no follow-up;
  • to aid in a quest tasking the player to travel a long way or to many locations;
  • returning from an in-person visit to an instance;
  • to save a few minutes of walking back to the quest giver after completing a set of quest objectives.

Item usage details[]

Activating the teleportation effect:

  • After using a hearthstone, it has a cooldown of 30 minutes. This cooldown continues even if the player is logged off.
  • A hearthstone has a 10 second Cast time.
  • A hearthstone can be used during combat; however, the casting will be interrupted if the user takes any damage.
    • Being hit will not interrupt the casting of a Hearthstone if the player is immune to the type of damage caused by the hits. As such, Bubble Hearthing is possible for paladins.
  • A Hearthstone can be used while sitting or laying down.

Working with innkeepers to manage hearthstone "bind points":

  • Players can talk to an innkeeper at any inn to change their bind point (the place the hearthstone will teleport them to once it's activated). Sometimes the "inn" is simply a small tent or rest area. Rarely, the "innkeeper" is simply an object that shows the hearthstone icon when hovered with the mouse, not a person.
Pointer hearth on 32x32 interact with innkeeper Pointer hearth off 32x32 innkeeper out of range
  • The hearthstone is initially bound to the starting zone of the player. Specifically, the very spot that the character was initially created. There is no way to set a hearthstone back to this location once changed.
  • If a hearthstone is destroyed, any innkeeper can provide a new one to the character, but it will be bound to that inn rather than the location of the one that was destroyed.

Similar items[]

Several items in the game have an effect similar to that of a hearthstone. The following ones share a cooldown with a regular hearthstone, essentially acting as a cosmetic change to the typical tool:

Abilities that behave similarly to hearthstones without sharing a cooldown also exist, but are much rarer or more restricted:

  • Diabloanniversary scrolloftownportal [Scroll of Town Portal], the counterpart to the Tome of Town Portal, from the Diablo's 20th Anniversary world event. It has no cooldown and is consumed upon use.
  • Scribes can make and use stacks of Inv scroll 15 [Scroll of Recall] of various levels. They have a 20-minute cooldown, and one scroll is consumed on each use.
  • Spell nature astralrecal [Astral Recall], a Shaman spell, has a default cooldown of 10 minutes.
  • Warlords of Draenor introduced the Inv garrison hearthstone [Garrison Hearthstone], a special hearthstone with a cooldown separate from the normal one. However, it can only return the player to his or her Garrison.
  • Legion provided a similar Inv misc rune 15 [Dalaran Hearthstone] to players upon entering the new continent, which again has a separate cooldown and only returns to that one location.
  • Vulpera characters can use their Ability racial makecamp [Make Camp] racial ability to create a campsite in any outdoors location that acts as a rest area and can be teleported back to using Ability racial returntocamp [Return to Camp], which has a 1-hour cooldown.
  • A number of items and spells can teleport players to specific locations, which may avoid the need for a player to bind their hearthstone in that area.
  • Inv guild cloak alliance b [Wrap of Unity] / Inv guild cloak horde b [Wrap of Unity] and two similar items with cooldowns of 2/4/8 hours, which teleport you to Stormwind/Orgrimmar, which can be purchased from your guild vendor after obtaining appropriate guild reputation.

It is possible to bind the hearthstone to a capital/hub city with many permanent portals, allowing access to many different continents through a single hearthstone location. During expansions in which the hub cities are not Orgrimmar and Stormwind, low-level characters can reach that city with the help of a friendly mage's portal spell, and they can use their hearthstones to return to the city later, then take a portal to a desired destination. This is sometimes done for alts for accessibility to cities far away from each other. However, since the hearthstone is committed to that one location, it becomes less useful and flexible for the smaller-scale movement an alt might be doing while questing.

Recommended home locations[]

While leveling, players usually set their hearthstones either to a major city close to their questing zone, or individual inn locations where the quests revolve around. The capital allows for quick shifts in focus such as pausing questing to partake in holiday events or meeting with other players, while local locations allow hearthstones to be used "tactically" for short trips within a questing zone. Such hearthstones can still ease travel on the return trip from a capital city, of course.

For max level characters, those with fast flying mounts, or others not focused on questing and short-distance movement, ease of travel throughout the world is the priority. During most expansions, there is typically one "hub" city with many permanent portals to various continents, so players will want to bind their hearthstone in that hub, unless they have some other tool to get there such as the Inv misc rune 15 [Dalaran Hearthstone]. See Portal (city) for a list of past and present portal connections out of hub cities.

Level to level, if a player wishes to bind their hearthstone to a central location rather than local quest hubs, these locations often serve well:

For the Alliance


For the Horde


Removed functionality[]

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

During the World of Warcraft alpha, hearthstone functionally was made available by a spell called "Word of Recall".[25]

Until patch 3.1.0, it was possible to "trick" the game into teleporting characters to their hearthstone point while it was on cooldown. A player would create a group with someone else, zone into an easily accessible instance (such as the Stockade), then pass the group lead to the other person and leave the group. The system would then teleport them to their hearthstone point as an invalid group member. This technique was known as "ghetto hearthing". Post-patch, the game transports such characters to the nearest graveyard instead of to the hearthstone location. At this time, the cooldown of a hearthstone was also lowered to 30 minutes, reducing the motivation for such tricks.[26]

In other Blizzard games[]

The digital card game Hearthstone is named after the famous stone. The game itself takes place in an inn and is narrated by the innkeeper who welcomes back returning players upon logging in. The trademark Hearthstone swirl also serves as the game's logo.

Hearthstones can also be found in the team brawler Heroes of the Storm, where it serves a similar purpose to that in World of Warcraft, to teleport the player back to the Hall of Storms.


  • A Hearthstone plushie was available at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.[27]
  • The release of Hearthstone has seen the creation of an extensive range of both official and third-party merchandise featuring Hearthstones or the Hearthstone design, including plushies, t-shirts, mugs and phone cases.


Patch changes[]

  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): The cooldown reduced to 30 minutes. 'Ghetto hearthing' brings you to the nearest graveyard, instead of your home location.[26]
  • Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): The mouse pointer changes when hovering it over an innkeeper NPC that can bind:
Pointer hearth on 32x32 interact with innkeeper Pointer hearth off 32x32 innkeeper out of range

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