Hearty Feast

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  • Hearty Feast
  • Use: Set out a Hearty Feast to feed up to 35 people in your raid or party!

    Restores 35757 health and 17878 mana over 20 sec.  Must remain seated while eating.  If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 18 in a stat for 1 hour.
  • Requires Level 101
  • Sell Price: 12s 50c

Hearty Feast is created with Cooking. The recipes to craft this item are randomly acquired from Nomi's work orders in Dalaran after the player learnt the recipes required to produce the materials required.

Materials required:
Inv misc food legion saltpeppershank.png 3-5x [Salt & Pepper Shank] Inv misc food legion deepfriedmossgill.png 3-5x [Deep-Fried Mossgill]
Inv misc food legion pickledstormray.png 3-5x [Pickled Stormray] Inv misc food legion faronaarfizz.png 3-5x [Faronaar Fizz]
Inv misc food legion spicedribroast.png 3-5x [Spiced Rib Roast] Inv misc food legion baconuncooked.png 3-5x [Slice of Bacon]

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