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Heirlooms tab

The implemented Heirlooms tab as seen in the game

The Heirlooms tab is a new interface added in Patch 6.1.0. It allows the player to store all heirlooms collected by that player across all characters, without need for physical storage. The Heirlooms tab is shared by all characters on the player's account, regardless of realm, and is accessible through the user interface, as part of the Collections interface.


  • The interface allows players to 'summon' any unlocked heirloom directly into the inventory of the current character, removing the need for storage in the inventory and mailing between characters.
  • It is be possible to summon any given heirloom for each character, removing the need to purchase multiples.
  • All existing heirlooms are listed, with those not yet collected by the player greyed-out.
  • The number of heirlooms collected is displayed, as well as the total number of heirlooms to collect.
  • Players are able to sort by class and specialization. The collection also features a search box.
  • PvP items are marked as such.

Patch changes[]