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Helgarde Keep

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Helgarde Keep

Helgarde Keep [65, 43] is a citadel within Desmotaeron that was inaccessible prior to patch 9.1.0.

The area is off-limits to the Maldraxxi defectors under Vyraz,[1] though multiple liches are seen throughout (likely working with Kel'Thuzad). The helhounds Ylva, Guarm's mate, and their children Vargir, Girs, Frekki, Hrodvetni, and Vanargun all reside here. Every level of Helgarde Keep has prison cells along its inner walls with various prisoners, including Benedictus Voss.

The instance portal to Sanctum of Domination can be found at [70, 32] in the northern extent of the keep.


  • From development and prior to patch 9.1.0, this area was labeled Penderghast.
  • All of the helhounds are references to wolves or dogs from mythology or mythology otherwise. Ylva means "she-wolf" and likely refers to the famous Swedish witch Ingrid Ylva, Frekki and Girs refer to Odin's wolves Geri and Freki, Vargir is likely a referece to the Vargr of Norse myth (usually referring to Fenrir), Hrodvetni likely refering to Höðr (who was tricked by Loki in myth to throw the spear/arrow that killed Baldr to cause Ragnarok), and Vanargun is likely a combination of the prefix Vana-, referring to the Vanir and Argun from Argos the dog that belonged to Odysseus and died upon recognizing him at the end of his journey.

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