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Not to be confused with Hell hound or Helhound (skeletal hound).
Classification Gigantic animal
Faction/Affiliation Helarjar
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Helya.gif Helya
Homeworld Helheim; Shadowlands
Environment Misty, cold
Organization(s) Solitary
Sources: World of Warcraft: Legion

Three-headed helhounds[1][2] are a breed of giant dogs[3] that are found in Helheim in service to Helya and in the Shadowlands.


As a hunter pet

Helhounds became tameable in patch 9.0.1 in the hound hunter pet family of Cunning hunter pets.


  • While Guarm and Fenri are both references to Norse mythology (Garmr and Fenrir, respectively), the appearance of the helhounds appears to be a reference to Cerberus, the multi-headed guard hound of the underworld in Greek mythology.

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