Not to be confused with Helhound.
For the mobs, see Hell Hound and Flame Hound.
Hell hound
Hell hound art.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Old Gods' forces
Racial leader(s)  Smolderon
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Area(s) Firelands, Ragefire Chasm
Organization(s) Solitary, pair, or pack
Sources: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Hell hounds[1] (also called flame hounds[2][3] or charhounds[4]) are fiery beasts from the Firelands. Shannox serves as the kennel master to these creatures.

These dogs fear nothing and will not stop until their lust for blood is satisfied.[4]



Ancient Charhound.

As a companion pet

Main article: Smoldering Treat

 [Smoldering Treat] has a chance to drop from Shannox in the Firelands.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Hound#As a hunter pet

Hell hounds are tamable by hunters as part of the hound family. They are classed as undead beasts; only undead hunters can tame them by default while hunters of other races must first learn the skill from a  [Simple Tome of Bone-Binding].

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans

WarcraftAdventures-Logo.png This section concerns content related to the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans and is therefore non-canon.

Hell-hounds from Warcraft Adventures.

In the canceled Warcraft Adventures, Orgrim Doomhammer owned several black creatures which were named "hell-hounds" but bore more resemblance to the darkhounds that would later appear in World of Warcraft.