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Hellscream is a short story by Robert Brooks featured on the official site, released 21 August 2014. The story picks up where War Crimes left off and leads up to the events of Gul'dan and the Stranger and World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

Official description

From the Savage World page on the official site:

Before Gul'dan's dramatic fall, two strangers arrived on Draenor: The deposed warchief of the Horde and a bronze dragon whose motivations were clouded in mystery. Will their actions on Draenor place all living beings on Azeroth in mortal peril?


Kairozdormu tells Garrosh that he intends for him to create the first of many new Hordes. Not wanting to be a pawn, Garrosh betrays and kills Kairoz with a shard of the  [Vision of Time]. Garrosh uses the shard to convince Grom Hellscream not to drink Mannoroth's blood, and to instead create the Iron Horde.


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Warcraft LORE Interview: HELLSCREAM - with M. Neilson/C. Golden


  • The short story is a part of the "villain series" first mentioned by Micky Neilson on Twitter.[1]