NeutralHellsreach Citadel
Hellsreach Citadel.jpg
Type Citadel
Leader(s) Unknown
  Formerly  Grommash Hellscream
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orcIconSmall OrcGray Male.gifIconSmall OrcGray Female.gif Mag'har orc
Language(s) Orcish
Affiliation(s) Mag'har Clans
Location Central Gorgrond
Status Unknown (post H [50-60] Tyranny of the Light)

Hellsreach Citadel was the main base of the Mag'har Clans on Draenor. It appears to be connected to the Blackrock Foundry and Grimrail Depot, as train tracks run through it, as well as stationed trains.

It was attacked by the Lightbound armies led by High Exarch Yrel while Geya'rah and her forces teleported to Azeroth. Grommash Hellscream stayed back to defend the Citadel, and it is unknown how the battle ended, but the Lightbound forces were much more numerous.[1]



  • Hive Helsreach is a fortified industrial city on the barren world of Armageddon in the Warhammer 40.000 universe.


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