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This page is a manually updated list of help pages. This page contains a listing of all the help pages under each of the six major sections, a description of the information you can find on that page, and what needs to be done to improve that page. There is also a separate section for the help pages which are not directly linked to in one of the major sections. The purpose of this page is to provide a quick index for readers looking for help on a specific topic. It is also used by the Help Team to keep track of the state of the help spection of Wowpedia. If you would like to view all pages that are categorized as help, view the help cateogry. You can also look at all the pages in the help namespace. If you are particularly frustrated with the help pages or having problems finding information that can't be summed up in a simple question, please contact the Administrators and leave your comments with them.

Getting Started

The contents of all the official policies which are in effect on Wowpedia.
Page explaining how to find articles on Wowpedia.
To Do:
  • These Two articles need to be merged
  • The merged article will need to undergo some serious clean up
  • Add sections about finding articles based on the naming rules
Help:Special page 
An article explaining what special pages are and what they do.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up and made specific to Wowpedia
Help:What links here 
Information about the What links here special page.
To Do:
  • Needs some clean up
Help:Talk page 
Information about talk pages.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up and made Wowpedia Specific
  • Could likely be expanded to include more information
Frequently Asked Questions about Wowpedia.
To Do:
  • Old, outdated and FAQ section is currently a mess

New to Wowpedia

To Do:

  • Find or create help articles that will be quick guides to get semi-experiences users up to speed with Wowpedia
Help:Differences between Wowpedia and Wikipedia 
A guide that provides an overview of the major differences editors and readers should be aware of if their previous Wiki experience is Wikipedia (or wikis with similar styles, policies and guidelines).
To Do:
  • This article needs to be created.

Editing Wowpedia

The essential guide that provides a large overview on most things you will do with the wiki.
To Do:
  • Needs to be updated to reflect the proper help guides as well as some minor corrections.
  • Lots of link fixes, adding the right template and general cleanup.
Help:Edit summary 
An article explaining what the edit summary is and how to properly use it.
Help:Starting a new page 
An Article that explains how to start a new page about a variety of topics.
To Do:
  • Linked articles explaining how to to create specific types of pages needs to be written
An article explaining the different types of links and how to properly use them.
To Do:
  • Clean up article.
Help:Interwiki linking 
Provides detailed information about interwiki links.
To Do:
Help:Piped link 
Specific information about using piped links.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up
  • Could possibly be merged with one of the other link articles
Help:Self link 
What a self link is.
To Do:
  • Probably can just be redirected to the section in Help:link, not a lot of information
Wowpedia:How to edit a page 
Quick guide to editing a page.
To Do:
  • Can probably be expanded
  • Should probably be moved to the help namespace
Help:Images and other uploaded files 
Information on using images and uploading files.
To Do:
  • Badly needs to be cleaned up
Help:Navigational image 
How to create a navigational image.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up
  • Needs to have the information presented on it verified and tested.
Help:Edit toolbar 
Using the edit toolbar.
To Do:
  • Information needs to be made Wowpedia specific and cleaned up
Help:HTML in wikitext 
How to use HTML in the wiki.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up
  • Probably should have the information tested and verified

Editing Wowpedia - Advanced

Information on the different ways of creating tables in Wowpedia.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up
How to create a disambiguation page.
How to use redirects.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up
An article on how to use and create templates.
Explains what variables are available to be used.
To Do:
  • Needs some clean up
Help:Renaming (moving) a page 
Information on how to move/rename a page.
To Do:
  • Needs to be cleaned up

Additional Help

To Do:

  • This section contains links to the help team and reference desk. Needs to be improved with more information.

The Wowpedia community

To Do:

  • This section links to the community portal and Where to ask a question, needs to be improved with more information.

Other Help Pages

Help:Edit summary legend 
Provides a quick reference to abbreviations in the edit summary.
  • Linked to from the edit summary page.
A quick reference sheet that provides easy to access information about hard to remember procedures.
Help:Automatic conversion of wikitext 
The conversion of wikitext, like in signatures.
To Do:
  • Figure out where to put it.
  • Some information may not be applicable to Wowpedia
Information about using categories.
To Do:
  • Should be sorted and go with Editing level 1.
Explains how to delete pages.
To Do:
  • Put it in one of the above categories.
An article explaining how to vote.
To Do:
  • Categorize.
Help:Terminating pages 
An article explaining how to terminate pages.
To Do:
  • Categorize.