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Delete tagging cheat sheet
  • Place {{Delete}} at the top of the article
  • Add {{subst:Delete/Talk}} to the talk page
  • ... or with a reason: {{subst:Delete/Talk|delete this because...}}

See: [Help:Deleting pages], [Wowpedia:Deletion policy]

Speedy deletion:
  • Place {{Speedydelete|<reason>}} at the top of the article
  • Add a line explaining why the page should be deleted

See: [Wowpedia:Speedy deletion policy]

Deleting pages is a sensitive subject in Wikis. Often, an editor will choose to integrate the contents of some page into another more relevant page and make the old one a redirect to the new one. But in some cases, outright deleting the page is justified.

Red exclamation mark iconThis article briefly explains how deletion tags work, and what they look like. Before you start tagging articles for deletion however, you will want to read Wowpedia:Deletion_policy.

Nominating pages for deletion

Pages that users want to nominate for deletion use the {{Delete}} template (see below) at the top of the article. This template adds a deletion nomination banner and adds the article to the Candidates for deletion category.

The accompanying Discussion page will use the {{subst:Delete/Talk}} template. This template pulls in {{Delete/Vote}} and adds a voting booth beneath it where people can actually place their votes and discuss. It also adds the discussion page to the Votes for deleting category.

Deletion vote



  1. Delete ~~~~ - (Nominated)



Lightbulb iconHint: You can also use {{subst:Delete/Talk|<my reason for deletion>}} to provide a reason for your vote without having to re-edit the page.

Speedy Deletion

Icon-information-22x22.png The speedy deletion policy is at Wowpedia:Speedy deletion policy.

Some articles may be marked with {{Speedydelete}} for speedy deletion by an admin. This template adds a speedy deletion banner to the article and adds it to the Articles for speedy deletion category.

Lightbulb iconHint: You can also use {{speedydelete|<my reason for deletion>}} to automatically add the tag, your reason, and your signature.