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Distinguishing the disambiguated target articles

A disambiguation article points to various target articles that have a specific context, so you need to make sure these target articles have names which are different from the generic article that needs disambiguation.

  1. Make sure to name the various disambiguated articles with some context before you link to them in the disambiguation article:
  2. You can use  move  to rename articles assuming the new name isn't used already.

Making a disambiguation article

Once you've made the target articles distinctive, you need to make an article with links to articles with specific context.

  1. Add the {{disambig}} tag to the top of the page.
  2. Disambig listing method 1:
    1. Start with "Were you looking for:" (optionally add <br>).
    2. List each related article link with some context or in a descriptive question:
    3. Optionally, separate each entry with an &ndash;OR&ndash; or simply -OR-.
  3. Disambig listing method 2:
    1. List each related article beginning with "For more information on the <context>, see <link>.":

Disambig listing for quests

  1. If a quest has the same name, but on different parts in a chain or has a different quest giver, use the disambiguation on top and provide the quest names given.
    • {{disambig/quest
    • |1={{questlong|Alliance|60|Arms for the Field (Alliance)|Arms for the Field|id=8781}}
    • |2={{questlong|Horde|60|Arms for the Field (Horde)|Arms for the Field|id=8786}}
    • }}