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For other uses, see Object name (disambiguation).
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Object articles

Object name is .... A basic description goes here. Include subzone, coordinates ([32.2, 63.5]), and zone. Also include the object's uses and requirements. There are many types that the object may fall under, such as quest giver, quest ender, quest objective, chest, book, treasure of Pandaria, vignette, etc.

If an object has a lot of lore, history, description, etc. then such information should probably be subsectioned.


Binding Raptors

Since the dawn of our people we have hunted with raptor. These beasts be smart, lethal, and loyal. A troll and his raptor be more than friendship. It be a bond of blood. You be needing the other.

Usually you be having many years to get better with your raptor. But time is short, and the Zandalari be needing raptors for the war. We have awakened the old ways. Take the blood of the raptors. Bind their essence to the fetishes. There not be time to bond with them the natural way.

Such be our times.


Rewards 16,500 XP at level 110 and contains the following:


As a quest objective

Patch changes

In chronological order, oldest patch on bottom, list the changes that have been made to the object through patches. There should always at least be an "Added" line. Note that since Wowhead was created in patch 1.11, anything added before then will say it was added in patch 1.11. Use discretion with things added in or before this patch. Use {{Patch x.y.z|note=Added.}}.

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