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The VideoLink tags allow embedding of YouTube videos in articles; allowing for multiple linked videos to be played in a single embedded video player, first shown when a user clicks on a video link.

The <vplayer /> specifies where the player should appear within the page, and the {{#vlink}} parser function allows creation of links that load a specific video.

Note: The VideoLink was initially an extension until it was ported to the EmbedVideo extension. These tags are still widely used throughout Wowpedia.


To position a player within a page, use:

<vplayer id="player id" w="width" h="height" class="class" style="style">tag content</vplayer>

player id 
An optional unique identifier for this player, defaults to "default".
Width of the embedded player in pixels, defaults to 800.
Height of the embedded player in pixels, defaults to a value achieving 16:9 aspect ratio.
Additional CSS classes to apply to the video container div.
Additional in-line CSS to apply to the video container div.
tag content 
Optional placeholder content that will be shown before a video plays in this player; if not specified, no placeholder content is shown.

All these arguments are optional and may be omitted; the shortest usable tag is thus <vplayer />

To open a video in an embedded player, use {{#vlink:<youtube video id>|<Link text>|start=<Start time>|playlist start=<initial video>|player=<player id>}}

youtube id 
YouTube video ID of the video you wish to embed (e.g. "qX7ehxyYRQc"). You can list multiple youtube video IDs separated by semicolons (;) to automatically play multiple videos.
Link text 
Wikitext that will be formatted as a link; can also be passed as a named |caption= parameter.
Start time 
Time at which the video should being playing in a "" format, where hours and minutes are optional; e.g. "7.5" (7.5 seconds in), "7:4" (7 minutes, 4 seconds in), "7:2:27" (7 hours, 2 minutes, 27 seconds in). By default, videos begin from the start.
initial video 
If multiple youtube video IDs are specified, this argument specifies which video should be played when the user clicks the link (1 for the first, 2 for the second, etc).
player id 
Identifier of the <vplayer id="..." /> within which this video should play, defaults to "default". If no video player with the specified player id exists in the article, the link will open YouTube instead.


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