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Voting cheat sheet

In the talk page:

== Oneliner intro ==
Your proposal...

In the article (optional):

* Should we...?

See: [Help:Voting], [Wowpedia:Voting policy]

Most of the time, editing a wiki is just a matter of applying the BOLD, revert, discuss cycle, but sometimes matters need a vote to be resolved, or maybe you're just not sure if applying a major change is right and want to test the waters first. This page describes how to set up a vote in accordance with the Wowpedia voting policy.

"I" iconThis is brief description of how to start votes in Wowpedia. For the actual policy governing votes, please see Wowpedia:Voting policy. The most important bits are however described in the voting templates themselves.

How to start a vote

Creating the voting booth

Edit the Discussion page of the article:

== Oneliner intro text ==

I would like to .....


This will create a voting booth, and automatically add the talk page to Category:Votes in progress.

Using {{Proposal}} is entirely optional. It has no effect other than drawing people's attention to your proposal.

Drawing attention to your vote

First of all, the {{Vote/Vote}} template will automatically place your vote in Category: Votes in progress. However, if you want people visiting the article to immediately take note of the ongoing vote, you can put {{Vote/Note|<oneliner intro>}} in the article itself:

* Should we......(short text)?

If you do not want to explain the vote in the article, you can of course just use {{Vote/Note|<leave blank>}}.

To draw even more attention to your vote, you can show it in the community portal by adding it to Wowpedia:Community portal.