Helping the Cause

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AllianceHelping the Cause

Bold Karasshi in Pearlfin Village
Start Admiral Taylor [58.1, 80.7]
End Admiral Taylor [58.1, 80.7]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 110,000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous A [86] Get Back Here!
Next A [86] Last Piece of the Puzzle


Mishka in Pearlfin Village

Check in with Bold Karasshi, Amber Kearnen, and Mishka.


Welcome back, <name>! It seems the jinyu have taken to our training even better than I had hoped. We're in the final stages of our preparations now.

I need someone to go check in with Amber, Bold Karasshi, and Mishka. See if they need any help to complete their training.

You'll find Karasshi and Mishka here in Pearlfin Village. Amber is training recruits in Slingtail Pits to the northwest.


You will receive: 9g 80s


Is everyone in order and ready to move?


Impressive work, <name>. We should be ready to move out shortly. With our allies at our side, there is no way we can be defeated.


  • 110,000 XP


Pick up A [86] An Unexpected Advantage before going too far.

Not far to the south of Sully "The Pickle" McLeary is Bold Karasshi, at [59.3, 83.4] standing in front of the inn. Speak with him:

  • We are friends now, <name>. You are welcome to our village any time you wish to return.
  • Someday, perhaps you will show me your home. It must be very different than ours.
  • We owe you a great debt, <race>.
  • Are you finding everything well, name>?
  • Your name will be spoken in our village for many years to come.
  • May your waters never run dry.
Gossip What can I do to help?
Bold Karasshi says: See if the new recruits are up to a challenge. They could use a lesson in advanced combat.

Find a Pearlfin Recruit and speak with it:

  • Will you test my skills?
  • Training is an ongoing process. There is always something to learn.
  • I must be in top fighting condition when we face the Hozen in battle.
Gossip Let's see what you've got.

Defeat it:

  • Pearlfin Recruit says: One can only grow from their defeats.
  • Pearlfin Recruit says: I will be better prepared the next time we meet!

Keep heading south to find Mishka at [59.9, 86.4] between the two halves of Pearlfin:

Being resourceful can often sway a battle in your favor.
I've put together this remedy using plants from the forest around us. Hopefully it will be enough. We need every available fighter in the field.
Gossip What can I do to help?
Mishka says: Any assistance getting the wounded back on their feet would be appreciated.

Interact with Wounded Pearlfin south of her:

  • Wounded Pearlfin says: Thank you, traveler. I think I can make it now.
  • Wounded Pearlfin says: A simple flesh wound won't keep me from the battle.
  • Wounded Pearlfin says: You have my gratitude. I should return back to training now.

Finally, head north to the Slingtail Pits. At the big pit is a Hozen Brawler locked in a Re-Inforced Jinyu Cage. Opposite it at [54.8, 79.7] is Amber Kearnen and Little Lu. Talk to Amber:

Winning any battle is just as much about understanding your opponent, as it is knowing how to fight.
Gossip What can I do to help?
Amber Kearnen says: Let's see what the Hozen have in store for us in combat.
The Hozen Brawler is released into the pit.

The Bralwer is an 85 elite with 237,000 health and the following special ability:

  • Grookin' 30 yd range — Konk charges at an enemy and spins wildly, inflicting Physical damage to all nearby enemies periodically. 1.5 sec cast. Starts a channel, triggering...
    • Grookin' — Konk Charges at an enemy and spins wildly, inflicting Physical damage to all nearby enemies periodically. Channeled. (7 sec cooldown)


  • Hozen Brawler says: Ookin' dooker!
  • Hozen Brawler says: Ook off, you big dookers!

Kill it:

Amber Kearnen says: Good work! Dealing with the Hozen will be easier than I had anticipated.

Return to Taylor.


Optional breadcrumb: B [86] Get Back Here!

  1. Faction quests:
  2. B [86] Last Piece of the Puzzle
  3. N [86] The Seal is Broken
  4. N [86] Residual Fallout & N [86] Jaded Heart & B [86] Emergency Response
  5. N [86] Moving On

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