Helping the Lost Find Their Way

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NeutralHelping the Lost Find Their Way
Start Ramdor the Mad
End Soolaveen
Level 65 (Requires 63)
Category Lower City
Experience 11000 (or 6g 60s at level 70)
Reputation Lower City 250

 [Girdle of the Penitent]
 [Gloves of the Afterlife]

 [Fleet Refugee's Boots]


Destroy 10 Lost Spirits and 10 Broken Skeletons, and then speak with Soolaveen at the Refugee Caravan in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest.


Many spirits of the draenei were corrupted by the explosion of Auchindoun. Now they wander the wastes in torment.
<name>, I beseech you to put them to rest. Destroy the lost spirits and broken skeletons that haunt the Bone Wastes beyond Auchindoun's walls. What? You think leaving them to wander in blind agony would be better? Afterward, return to Soolaveen at the Refugee Caravan and tell him of that which you have done.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt 33.png [Girdle of the Penitent] Inv gauntlets 22.png [Gloves of the Afterlife]
Inv boots plate 01.png [Fleet Refugee's Boots] Inv belt 15.png [Cilice of Suffering]

You will also receive: 3g 30s


You have done that which needed doing and there is nothing to forgive.  Though it saddens me to hear that they were corrupted into a horrible undeath, through your actions you have put them to rest.
Thank you for setting them free, <name>.  You must accept a humble token of my regard for you and your selflessness.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. N [65] Recover the Bones
  2. N [65] Helping the Lost Find Their Way

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