MobHerald Dalora
Image of Herald Dalora
Gender Female
Race Kyrian (Humanoid)
Level 50 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Mawsworn
Occupation Herald
Location Cathedral of Darkness, Icecrown
Status Defeated
The subject of this article or section was part of Death Rising, a world event that heralded the opening of the Shadowlands.

Herald Dalora is a Mawsworn kyrian located throughout Icecrown during Death Rising.


She was discovered holding court before a group Death's Disciples within Mord'rethar: The Death Gate, where she preached about the Banished One claiming the soul of Azeroth. She, and the disciples, then teleported away.[1] When Crusader Renn sent heroes to survey the area outside of Icecrown Citadel, they discovered the Herald among. Dalora merely viewed them as another defiant soul and remarked that in time they would serve the Banished One. After witnessing them strike against the Scourge forces outside the citadel she declared that they would make a fitting prize.[2]

Seeking to strike a definitive blow against the Mawsworn, Azeroth's heroes confronted and killed her within the Cathedral of Darkness.[3]


  • Spell animamaw wave.png  Ascend — Knocks all enemies within 10 yards of the caster back.
  • Ability deathknight remorselesswinters.png  Breathless Darkness — The caster drains the life at a player's location, inflicting Shadow damage to all players who remain in the area.
  • Spell animamaw beam.png  Darksworn Blast — The caster blasts dark magic in a line in front of them, inflicting 5 Shadow damage and causing enemies to take Shadow damage every 1 sec. when moving.
  • Ability heroicleap.png  Falling Strike — The caster leaps towards an enemy, inflicting 100% weapon damage as Shadow to all enemies within 5 yds of the impact.

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