Heralds of Apocalypse

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NeutralHeralds of Apocalypse
Start Alleria Windrunner
End Alleria Windrunner
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +250 Army of the Light
Rewards  [Phial of 'Sacred' Fel Liquid]
19g 40s
Previous N [110] Scars of the Past
N [110] Preventive Measures
N [110] Chaos Theory
Next N [110] Dawn of Justice


Slay Lady Heretica and Mistress Apostriss.


We've been presented with a rare opportunity.

Our scouts have spotted two shivarra priestesses in the western fel pools enhancing the Legion's war effort.

The inner circle of Sargeras' chosen never leave the walls of Antorus. If we take them out, we might be able to sow fear among those closest to the Dark Titan.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv misc potionsete.png [Phial of 'Sacred' Fel Liquid]


This may be our only chance to kill one of those sick monsters before we assault Antorus itself.


Impressive. Without the shivarra bolstering their strength we just might stand a chance.



Mistress Apostriss is located in the tall structure towards the southwest area of the Hold. Mistress Apostriss is located at the end of a path in the northwest area of the Hold, next to several inactive fel elementals.

Quest accept
Alleria Windrunner says: Make them suffer.
Lady Herectica
Lady Heretica says: You dare set foot in the sacred pools? Suffer!
Lady Heretica says: Do you not see? Without the fel, the shadow will prevail!
Lady Heretica says: Our crusade is the only path to redemption. All will be reborn by the master's flame!
Lady Heretica says: You lack... vision.
Mistress Apostriss
Mistress Apostriss says: We must all embrace the inevitable abyss.
Mistress Apostriss says: You will not disrupt the rebirth. They will be made whole again!
Mistress Apostriss says: All will be remade. All will be undone!
Mistress Apostriss says: You are too late.


  1. N [45] The Speaker Calls
  2. N [110] Visions of Torment
  3. N [110] Dire News
  4. N [110] Storming the Citadel
  5. N [110] Scars of the Past & N [110] Preventive Measures & N [110] Chaos Theory
  6. N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse & N [110] Dark Machinations & N [110] A Touch of Fel
  7. N [110] Dawn of Justice
  8. N [110] Lord of the Spire
  9. N [110] Forming a Bond

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