Herb bags are a specific type of bag that allows the storage of herbs gathered by characters of the herbalism profession. Herb bags cannot carry vials and are all Bind on Equip.

There are 6 known sizes: 12 slot, 20 slot, 24 slot, 28 slot, 32 slot, and 36 slot. The 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 slot varieties are crafted by Tailors; they require, respectively, Friendly and Revered reputation with the Cenarion Circle, Revered reputation with Sporeggar, and Revered with The Kalu'ak in order to obtain the patterns, but no reputation needed to learn the 36 slot bag. There is also no reputation requirement to simply equip any of the bags.

Types of Bags and How to Get Them

 [Herb Pouch] (12 Slot)

  • Sold by Herbalism Supplies vendors. Being a green item, they are often sold on the Auction House at a high markup. Be careful!

 [Cenarion Herb Bag] (20 Slot)

 [Satchel of Cenarius] (24 Slot)

 [Mycah's Botanical Bag] (28 Slot)

 [Emerald Bag] (32 Slot)

 [Hyjal Expedition Bag] (36 Slot)

Other items

Herb bags can fit some other items that are not collected solely by Herbalists: