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Techniques in Herbalism are listed under Herbalism skills. In general, the ability to pick herb nodes is automatically gained when new proficiencies are learnt. Techniques are passively applied bonuses that provide more or different resources when looting a specific herb. When available, each herb has three ranks of proficiency.


Legion Herbalism Legion
Node Rank 1 (increased amount) Rank 2 (chance of rare materials) Rank 3 (bonus effect)
 [Aethril]  [Aethril Sample]  [Ragged Strips of Silk] N Herbalism [10-45] A Slip of the Hand Chance for bonus yield
 [Dreamleaf]  [Dreamleaf Sample]  [Blight-Twisted Herb]  [Blight-Choked Herb] Chance for bonus yield
 [Fjarnskaggl]  [Fjarnskaggl Sample]  [Ram's-Horn Trowel]  [Runed Journal Page] Quickmount after herb gathering
 [Foxflower]  [Foxflower Sample]  [Nibbled Foxflower Stem]  [Foxflower Scent Gland] Chance for bonus yield
 [Starlight Rose]  [Starlight Rosedust]  [Jeweled Spade Handle]  [Scribbled Ramblings] Gathering attempts always succeed
 [Felwort]  [Felwort Sample] N Herbalism [45] Felwort Analysis N Herbalism [45R] The Emerald Nightmare: Felwort Mastery Obtain seeds from Broken Isle herbs
 [Astral Glory]  [Withered Astral Glory]  [Adolescent Astral Glory]  [Astral Glory Root Cluster] Chance to heal after gathering

The rare material from rank 2 techniques is  [Blood of Sargeras] for all herbs except  [Astral Glory], which has a chance to spawn  [Primal Sargerite].

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth Herbalism Battle for Azeroth
Herb Rank 1 (better yields) Rank 2 (better yields) Rank 3 (better yields)
 [Akunda's Bite] Taught by trainer at 1 skill N Herbalism [10-50] Giving Back to Nature N Herbalism [10-50] What Happens Next
 [Riverbud] B Herbalism [10-50] Emergency Transplants B Herbalism [10-50] Breaking the Food Chain
 [Sea Stalk] B Herbalism [10-50] Cultural Significance B Herbalism [10-50] Gathering Mementos
 [Siren's Pollen] B Herbalism [10-50] Learn From the Best B Herbalism [10-50] Pollen Punching
 [Star Moss] B Herbalism [10-50] Here In Spirit B Herbalism [10-50] Ghost Busting
 [Winter's Kiss] N Herbalism [10-50] Can't Teach on an Empty Stomach N Herbalism [10-50] The Frigid Boon
 [Anchor Weed] Taught by trainer at 25 skill B Herbalism [25-50] Seeking More Knowledge B Herbalism [10-50] More Anchor Pods
 [Zin'anthid] Taught by trainer at 140 skill N [50] What Will It Grow? from  [Germinating Seed] Quest item looted from herb