Hero's Call: Talador!

Alliance 32.pngHero's Call: Talador!
Start Hero's Call Board
End Foreman Eksos
Level 94 (Requires 94)
Category Talador
Experience 1,420
Rewards 1 Gold.png 54 Silver.png
Previous Both 15.png [94] News from Talador
Next Both 15.png [94] At Your Command
For the Horde version of this quest, see Horde 15.png [94] Warchief's Command: Talador!.


Speak with Foreman Eksos in Talador.

  • Flight to Talador secured


All able-bodied citizens of the Alliance are to report to Foreman Eksos in Talador.

The Iron Horde seek to control Talador. The area is perfect to send reinforcements to any other part of Draenor quickly and without resistance.

Foreman Eksos is currently establishing an outpost in Talador. Travel there and stop the Iron Horde.

Glory to the Alliance!


You will receive:


It is good to see you, Commander <name>. I require your advisement.


  1. Both 15.png [94] News from Talador
  2. Alliance 15.png [94] The Critical Path / Horde 15.png [94] It's a Matter of Strategy
  3. Both 15.png [94] At Your Command

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