Hero's Call: Tanaris!

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AllianceHero's Call: Tanaris!
Start Hero's Call Board
End Kelsey Steelspark
Level 45 (Requires 44)
Category Tanaris
Experience 550
Reputation +10 Gnomeregan


Report to Kelsey Steelspark at Gadgetzan in Tanaris.


By order of his royal highness, King Varian Wrynn, all able-bodied citizens of the Alliance are to report to Kelsey Steelspark in Gadgetzan.

The Alliance needs your help to win concessions from the local baron and access to the area's priceless resources. You can reach Gadgetzan by traveling south from the Shimmering Deep in Thousand Needles.

For the glory and honor of the Alliance!


We have to persuade the goblins of Gadgetzan to side with us, <class>.


  1. Breadcrumbs:B [43] Tanaris is Calling, A [45] Hero's Call: Tanaris!, H [45] Warchief's Command: Tanaris!
  2. B [45] Rocket Rescue

Butcherbot Quests:

  1. N [45] Butcherbot
  2. N [45] Scavengers Scavenged
  3. N [45] Blisterpaw Butchery

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