NeutralHeroic: Hodir's Sigil
Start Prospector Loren
End Prospector Loren
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Type Raid
Category Ulduar
Rewards 29g 60s
Previous N [30R] Heroic: The Celestial Planetarium
Next N [30R] Heroic: Algalon

Heroic: Hodir's Sigil and its Normal mode equivalent  [Hodir's Sigil] are a portion of the third step in the Algalon the Observer attunement quest chain. Completing this quest requires the defeat of Hodir in his Hard mode: Defeating him before he destroys the Rare Cache of Winter.


Prospector Loren at the Archivum in Ulduar wants you to obtain Hodir's Sigil.

For more information on obtaining Hodir's Sigil, consult the Archivum Console.


Hodir's Sigil won't be easy to obtain. Not only are ye going to have to defeat Hodir himself, but yer going to have to do it before he destroys the chest that contains it!

Check the Archivum console if you need more information. That thing contains more knowledge than all of the world's libraries put together!


You will receive:

  • 29g 60s
  • 400 XP


Did ye obtain the sigil, <name>?


Ye did it! I don't know how, but ye did!


  1. N [30R] Heroic: Archivum Data Disc
  2. N [30R] Heroic: The Celestial Planetarium
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. N [30R] Heroic: Algalon
  5. N [30R] Heroic: All Is Well That Ends Well

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