Heroism points referred to points awarded by some dungeons that could be turned in for certain rewards in Cataclysm. They were comparable to today's Emblems; specifically, they were equivalent to the lesser  [Emblem of Triumph] in patch 3.3.0. They have since then been replaced by [Justice Points].

They would have been added with content patch 4.0.0.

Heroism points were only partially implemented in the beta, though the following sources of Heroism points were confirmed by Blizzard:

Heroism Cap

Heroism points, like all currency points in Cataclysm, would have a hard cap on the maximum amount to be kept at one time. Unlike the more difficult to obtain Valor points, one would theoretically earn as many Heroism points as they like in one week.


The following dungeons were confirmed to provide Heroism points in the methods listed above.