HordeHex of Weakness
Start Ur'kyo, Tai'jin, Aelthalyste, Var'jun or Miles Welsh
End Ur'kyo[35, 87]
Level 10 (Requires 10)
Category Priest
Experience 210
Rewards [Hex of Weakness]


Speak to Ur'kyo in Orgrimmar.



It be time for you to meet with Ur'kyo, <name>. He be in the Valley of Spirits in the orc city. Go there and speak to him. It is time you learn more of the old ways of our kind. It time you be brought into the circle and made a true priest of our tribe.


I sent here to make sure that you not wander too far from home, <name>. They send me to make sure you return home because Ur'kyo, greatest of our priests, wish to speak to you. You go there. You go to the Valley of Spirits in the orc city and you speak to Ur'kyo. He wait for you now.

Thunder Bluff

It always warms my undying heart to see priests from all cultures wander the world. To know that power exists that is not arcane and well within our grasp. That's why it is my honor to direct you home, <name>.

Ur'kyo, your great priest in Orgrimmar, has asked for your presence. You can find him in the Valley of Spirits.


Home. Return home, young <race>.

Your spiritual leader Ur'kyo begs you to return to him and speak about the path you travel.

Go to the Valley of Spirits in the great Horde city of Orgrimmar. You will find him there.


One of your priests sent word to us that if we see you that we were to tell you to return to Orgrimmar, <name>. It seems one of your kind--a priest named Ur'kyo, if I'm not mistaken--believes you are ready for more training. It has to do with some of your cultures practices he said, and he wanted you to find this Ur'kyo in the Valley of Spirits.


You will learn [Hex of Weakness].


You would do well to pay heed to this lesson, young one. The Hex of Weakness will be a great boon to you in battle. Later I will have tests for you to further yourself and prove your worth to the tribe.


This is a Priest only quest.

Patch changes

  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.2.0 (2007-09-25): Removed. Ability added as a spell that can be trained at level 10.

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