HordeHidden Enemies
Level range 9-16
Zones Orgrimmar
Ragefire Chasm

Hidden Enemies is a small Horde questline that involves infiltrating the Burning Blade clan at the request of Thrall.

Hidden Enemies

H [12] Hidden Enemies

Thrall sends you to Skull Rock to acquire a token identifying the bearer as a ranking member of the demon cult.

H [12] Hidden Enemies

Thrall asks you to take the  [Lieutenant's Insignia] to Neeru Fireblade. You pretend to be a member of the Burning Blade, gain Neeru's trust and he will share some interesting information with you. With this information, you report back to Thrall.

H [16D] Hidden Enemies

After you gained the trust of Neeru Fireblade in the previous part, Thrall asks you now to enter Ragefire Chasm to slay the leaders of the Searing Blade, Bazzalan and Jergosh the Invoker.

H [15] Hidden Enemies

Thrall asks you to speak to Neeru Fireblade again, after you have slain Bazzalan and Jergosh in Ragefire Chasm.

H [16] Hidden Enemies

As you deliver your report to Thrall, he is surprised to hear of the presence of the Shadow Council in Ashenvale. He is impressed by your work and rewards you with a weapon of your choice. Either a  [Kris of Orgrimmar], a  [Hammer of Orgrimmar], an  [Axe of Orgrimmar] or a  [Staff of Orgrimmar].


If the player follows the entire quest chain from beginning to end, he or she will receive:

  • One of the following:
 [Kris of Orgrimmar]
 [Hammer of Orgrimmar]
 [Axe of Orgrimmar]
 [Staff of Orgrimmar]
  • Roughly (from quest turn-ins only):


  • This quest chain has a loose end, but no follow up has been implemented, yet.
  • Also, this quest chain becomes available only after you meet two conditions: you must reach level 10 and you must already have completed H [7] Report to Orgnil quest.


  1. H [12] Hidden Enemies
  2. H [12] Hidden Enemies
  3. H [16D] Hidden Enemies
  4. H [15] Hidden Enemies
  5. H [16] Hidden Enemies

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