NeutralHigh Commander Kamses
Image of High Commander Kamses
Gender Male
Race Tol'vir (Humanoid)
Level 30-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ramkahen, Uldum Accord
Occupation Commander
Location Ramkahen Legion Outpost, Uldum

High Commander Kamses is the leader of the Ramkahen army, known as the "Sword of Ramkahen"; as such, he is also a member of the Ramkahen High Council. He is located at the Ramkahen Legion Outpost, overseeing the training of his troops.

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the Assault in Uldum, he is found back in Ramkahen near King Phaoris. He also appears in the Vision of the Twisting Sands.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Objective of




We do not choose to to go war, <name>. War comes to us.

We must do what we must to be ready.

Battle for Azeroth

The legionnaires of Ramkahen stand ready.

Vision of the Twisting Sands

We were asked to evacuate the citizens of Ramkahen, but when we returned things were... different.

The very words of the king himself were spoken in a different tongue. His voice echoes the chamber with a roaring, thunderous tone as he cast aside his own people, even sending some toward the darkness.

Though this darkness continues to gather, our loyalty is to our king. We will remain here, at the outskirts of our city, until the fate of our people has been decided.


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  • Kamses, along with all tol'vir, did not have voice quotes during Cataclysm. Between his debut in patch 4.0.3a, released in November 2010, and his return to relevancy in patch 8.3.0, released in January 2020, Kamses went over nine years before getting a voice actor. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

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