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High Invoker Basaleph

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MobHigh Invoker Basaleph
Image of High Invoker Basaleph
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 25-30 Elite
Resource Mana
Affiliation(s) Scourge, Cult of the Damned
Location Cathedral of Darkness, Icecrown
Status Deceased

High Invoker Basaleph is a human member of the Cult of the Damned. He appears in the Cathedral of Darkness during the quest N [80] Tirion's Gambit. During this quest, Arthas' Frozen Heart is delivered to him in order to be safeguarded. Tirion Fordring intervenes, and destroys the heart after realizing that there is no chance of redeeming Arthas. The explosion caused by destroying the heart wounds Tirion and the Lich King, and kills High Invoker Basaleph.

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