For the High Road in Val'sharah, see High Road (Val'sharah).

The High Road.

The High Road stretches from Hunter's Hill in the Southern Barrens to Malaka'Jin in Stonetalon Mountains and is the main route for Horde players on foot to cross from one zone to the next. In addition to access from Malaka'Jin and Hunter's Hill, an entrance marked by torches can be found at Stonetalon Pass[78.4, 92.8], near the border with the Northern Barrens. This allows travelers to bypass the Alliance-held Honor's Stand, which would otherwise block access to the Southern Barrens.

Nura Pathfinder stands along the road to make sure the nearby humans don't map out the road above them and prevent it's use by the Horde. She sends heroes of the Horde to kill any Alliance High Road Scout they come across. Just outside Hunter's Hill, Tunawa Stillwind and Holgom remark on the spectacular view.

The High Road is one of the only lifelines into the Stonetalon Mountains. Keeping it protected is a high priority of the local tauren.


  • There is a handy item at [37.4, 16.6] labelled "Coiled Rope" which allows safe travel between the High Road and a spot below near the Alliance outpost of Honor's Stand. The one at the bottom is located at [37.3, 15.5]. Both put players of either faction just out of range of enemy guards.
  • This area was planned to be available in the Southern Barrens warfront.

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