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"Highmountain Tribes" redirects here. For The emissary quest, see N [45] Highmountain Tribes.
For Ornamm's tribe, see Highmountain tribe (Legends). For the achievement for reaching exalted status, see Inv legion faction hightmountaintribes [Highmountain Tribe].
HordeHighmountain Tribe
Highmountain Tauren Crest
Icon of Highmountain
Main leader IconSmall Mayla Mayla Highmountain
  Formerly IconSmall Highmountain Male Ulan Highmountain †
IconSmall Highmountain Male Nalmus Highmountain †
IconSmall Highmountain Male Dorro Highmountain †
IconSmall Highmountain Female Gardrel Highmountain †
IconSmall Highmountain Male Huln Highmountain †
IconSmall Tauren Female Eruna Highmountain †
IconSmall Tauren Male Moren Highmountain †
Secondary leaders IconSmall Jale Jale Rivermane
IconSmall Lasan Lasan Skyhorn
IconSmall Navarrogg Navarrogg (as ally)
  Formerly IconSmall Torok Torok Bloodtotem †
Race(s) Highmountain taurenHighmountain tauren Highmountain tauren
IconSmall DragonBlack Black dragon
IconSmall Drogbar Drogbar (as allies)
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Shaman Brave, Spiritwalker, Scout
Capital Thunder Totem
Theater of operations Highmountain
Affiliation Horde
  Formerly Independent
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Highmountain Female Ransa Greyfeather

The Highmountain Tribe is the dominant tribe of the Highmountain tauren of the Broken Isles, currently led by High Chieftain Mayla Highmountain.


War of the Ancients[]

The Highmountain are descendants of the hero Huln Highmountain, also known as "Huln of the Eagle Spear" and the members of the tribes he united. During the War of the Ancients, 10,000 years ago, he united the warring Rivermane, Bloodtotem, and Skyhorn tribes of his homeland under the banner of the Highmountain.[1] Huln was chosen by Krasus to lead his people against the Burning Legion alongside Unng Ak of the furbolgs and Dungard Ironcutter of the earthen. For his bravery during the war, Huln received a blessing from the Wild God Cenarius, so that his people would forever have the demigod's favor: the Horns of Eche'ro, which transformed the horns of Huln[2] and his followers[citation needed]  into moose-like antlers. After the war, Huln returned to his homeland and used a titan artifact known as the Inv mace 1h titanpillar b 01 [Hammer of Khaz'goroth] to banish the traitorous Dragon Aspect Deathwing and free his drogbar slaves as well as a single uncorrupted black dragon egg. In his honor, the four tribes named the region "Highmountain".[3]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Legion zone concept 2

Thunder Totem

When the night elves who founded the Unseen Path left Mount Hyjal to return to the Broken Isles, the Highmountain tauren recognized the nobility of their cause and offered them friendship. It was the descendants of Huln Highmountain who led the Unseen Path to Talon Peak where they built their base known as Trueshot Lodge. Since the Burning Legion's return, the Highmountain have helped restore the lodge, such as replacing two damaged watch towers with tauren structures.[4]

Millennia later, Huln's descendants continue to live in Thunder Totem on the Broken Isles. With the death of High Chieftain Ulan, his daughter Mayla has become the High Chieftain of the accord between Highmountain, Rivermane, Skyhorn and Bloodtotem. Unfortunately, the theft of the Hammer of Khaz'goroth by Dargrul the Underking and his drogbar has shattered the unity of the four tribes. Despite the attempts at a reunion of the tribes by an adventurer, the Bloodtotem betrayed the other tribes by joining the Burning Legion. In their place, the drogbar Navarrogg and his Stonedark tribe joined the Highmountain's cause instead.[5]

Joining the Horde[]

After corresponding with Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof in the aftermath of the Argus Campaign, Mayla Highmountain accepted an invitation to attend a feast in Thunder Bluff. Yet, when Baine and the Horde champion greeted their Highmountain tauren guests, Spiritwalker Ebonhorn was tormented by the Old Gods' forces of Uul'gyneth attempting to corrupt him,[6] and he and Mayla were forced to retreat back to Thunder Totem while Baine and the Horde champion defended Thunder Bluff from Uul'gyneth's invasion force.[7][8] Apparently, the wards Ebonhorn had been maintaining in Highmountain weakened just enough to let the Darkness seep through.[9]

Later on, Baine and the Horde champion traveled to Thunder Totem to offer their aid to mend Ebonhorn,[10] who has been fighting unconsciously to keep a darkness from consuming him. Mayla sent the Horde champion to Spiritwalker Graysky,[11] who has the Horde champion undergo Spiritwalker rituals to walk in the memories of Igrul the Scalebane,[12] Oenia Skyhorn,[13] and Huln Highmountain in order to restore the wards that kept the dark corrupting forces at bay.[14] After restoring the wards, Ebonhorn regained consciousness[15] and revealed Uul'gyneth sought to return and conquer Highmountain. Baine, Mayla, the Horde champion, and Ebonhorn left to join Lasan Skyhorn, Aviash, and Jale Rivermane at Highmountain Summit to thwart the Necrodark's ritual to incarnate Uul'gyneth[9] and restore the final ward. They failed however, and Uul'gyneth was summoned into the physical realm,[16] leaving the Horde champion little choice but to vanquish Uul'gyneth the Darkness. After the battle, Mayla expressed her gratitude for rescuing her people from the Old Gods.[17] Impressed by the strength and courage of the Horde, Mayla and Baine traveled to Orgrimmar to pledge the Highmountain tauren to the Horde.[18]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Members of the Highmountain tribe took part in the Fourth War. Notably, they set up an outpost named Swiftwind Post in Drustvar on Kul Tiras.


Faction description[]

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.


Ransa Greyfeather
<Highmountain Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Friendly Inv misc fish 42 [Whitewater Carp] 100g Toy
Honored Inv scroll 03 [Plans: Gleaming Iron Spike] 550g Blacksmithing plans
Design: Skystone Loop (Rank 3) 550g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Inv weapon shortblade 91 [Boon of the Butcher] 100g Shoulder enchant
Icon treasuremap [Treasure Map: Highmountain] 20g Treasure map
Revered Inv glove leather legiondungeon c 01 [Harpy-Hunter's Gloves] 1,000g Leather hands
Inv datacrystal12 [Darkshard Fragment] 500g Toy
Inv moosemount2 [Baby Elderhorn] 500g Companion
Recipe: Drums of the Mountain (Rank 2) 550g Leatherworking pattern Rank 2
Exalted Inv chest mail legionquest100 b 01 [Mountainforged Chain Hauberk] 5,000g Mail chest
Inv tabard a 87hightmountain [Tabard of the Highmountain Tribe] 300g Tabard
Recipe: Demonsteel Armguards (Rank 3) 3,000g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Recipe: Demonsteel Gauntlets (Rank 3) 3,000g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Recipe: Demonsteel Breastplate (Rank 3) 3,000g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Design: Prophetic Band (Rank 3) 3,000g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Design: Dawnlight Band (Rank 3) 3,000g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Design: Ancient Maelstrom Amulet (Rank 3) 3,000g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Recipe: Drums of the Mountain (Rank 3) 3,000g Leatherworking pattern Rank 3
Paragon Inv moosemount2 [Highmountain Elderhorn] Special Mount




The other Highmountain tribes and the Stonedark tribe of the drogbar are a part of the Highmountain Tribe as well.


  • During the Legion alpha, the faction's description had the following placeholder text: Highmountain Tauren like long walks on the beach and fruity cocktails.

Patch changes[]


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