Type Outpost
Leader(s) The Commander
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
HumanHuman Human
Faith(s) Holy Light
Affiliation(s) Rangari
Location Center of Gorgrond
Status Active

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Highpass is a small outpost built in the center of Gorgrond and serves as a temporary base for the Rangari draenei and the Alliance led by the commander and Vindicator Maraad. The only major building in this outpost is decided by the commander, which is either the Highpass Logging Camp or the Highpass Sparring Ring.

There is a command table here for completing and starting new garrison missions.


Highpass Logging Camp


Highpass Logging Camp
The Lumber Mill will allow for operations in the jungle overgrowth of Gorgrond.
Once fully operational, the Lumber Mill grants the use of [Summon Mechastrider 5000] within Gorgrond.
Heroes will be able to destroy Hardened Thornvines for garrison resources.
Will eventually grant Glirin and Rangari Kaalya as followers.
Highpass Sparring Ring
The Sparring Ring will allow for operations in the brutal wastelands of northern Gorgrond.
Once fully operational, the Highpass Sparring Ring grants the use of [Champion's Honor] within Gorgrond.
  • Spell holy championsbond.png  Champion's Honor — Summons an Arena Champion to fight by your side for 1 min. When the champion departs, you will gain an enhancement improving your combat skills while in Gorgrond. The more enemies you kill while the champion is present, the stronger this enhancement will be.
Heroes will be able to destroy Odd Boulders for garrison resources.
Will eventually grant Pitfighter Vaandaam and Rangari Erdanii as followers.


As the Trophy quests are completed, the following objects will appear on the tables:

  • Chunk of the Crater Lord
  •  [Fang of the Doomwing]
  • Fang of the Sky Terror
  • Crystallized Steam
  • Precious Red Mushroom
  • Globe of Dead Water
  • Writhing Tendril


  • In the future Gorgrond, Highpass has no buildings, instead there are trees.

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