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Hill dwarf is a term used for a sub-race of dwarves[1] that live primarily in the hills.


Hill dwarves are found in Khaz Modan, Aerie Peaks, Northeron, Grim Batol and the Hinterlands. The Wildhammer dwarves (aka wild dwarves) and Bronzebeard dwarves have been described as having hill dwarves or mountain dwarves.[2] Hill dwarves are earthier[3] and love to live subterranean lives in holes in the ground.[4] Hill dwarves are shorter (by about six inches) and stockier than the Wildhammer mountain dwarves.[5]

The Bronzebeard hill dwarves share old enmities with their Wildhammer cousins. When the Horde attacked Khaz Modan, most of the dwarves escaped, however a few Bronzebeard hill dwarves' escape routes were cut off and they were stuck behind enemy lines. They were forced to go underground more so than they previously had done before. Many had died at the time, and more died while the Horde held the land. Only four clans of Bronzebeard hill dwarves were left in Khaz Modan. One clan (Rom's clan) was left with forty-seven members where it once numbered in the hundreds. Two of the clans were larger than the first, and the fourth was either the same size or smaller than the first. Between the four clans, the number of individuals totalled three-hundred and a little over, which was only a small fraction of the number they once were in the land.[6] A clan of Bronzebeard hill dwarves helped take back an area near Grim Batol during the Second War. They thought they could claim the mountain fortress and all of Grim Batol as theirs again.[7]


Notes and trivia

  • The Khaz Modan dwarves are not described as hill dwarves in Night of the Dragon, but are rather said to be Bronzebeard dwarves (or Bronzebeards).[8] It is confirmed that Rom's dwarves are a faction of dwarves under Magni Bronzebeard.[9] This explains their rivalry with the Wildhammer dwarves in Day of the Dragon, where Rom's dwarves were always specified as 'hill dwarves', while Falstad and co. were always referenced as 'wild dwarves'.
  • Falstad Wildhammer refers to the dwarves of Ironforge, and possibly the ones of the Dark Iron as well, as hill dwarves in one of his click quotes, saying that "It'd take a hand's worth of these hill dwarves to bring one from the Aerie down!"
    • However, if Muradin kills Falstad in the non-canon Heroes of the Storm, the former has a chance to say "Oh, hill dwarves. Big talk, small hammers." This is odd, as this would be the only time the term 'hill dwarf' has been used to describe a Wildhammer and is likely erroneous.
  • The term hill dwarf may be a reference to Dragonlance.

Wetlands dwarf?

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It is possible that that Rom's dwarves are connected to the Ironforge dwarves living in the Wetlands.

It seems that "hill dwarf" was originally a term for a Bronzebeard dwarf of Khaz Modan, before the latter term was cemented. Night of the Dragon seems to confirm this by clarifying Rom's heritage.