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Start Prince Erazmin
End Prince Erazmin
Level 40-70
Category Mechagnome
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A [40-70] Better... Stronger... Less Dead
Next A [40-70] Mental Attunement


Gather data from gnomes and mechagnomes in Mechagon.


Speak to some of the gnomes in Mechagon, enhanced or otherwise. Of my people, ask what they hope for in a leader of our kind. Of our new friends, ask what they appreciate most about their current leader.

From what I have learned thus far, the High Tinker has always led his people by necessity, he never sought or desired the crown. I believe the gnomes should be united once again.

I seek a solution that will be most amenable to all. Will you gather the information I need?


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Have your communications been productive?


Excellent, excellent, these are the results I was hoping for. You have strengthened my theory.


The NPCs to speak to are all around Rustbolt.

Elya Codepunch is standing by the Rustbolt Gramophone.

Gossip What do you look for in a leader?

Elya Codepunch says: Well, they must be as brilliant as I! Or is it me?
Petra Cogwenne says: Gelbin is the greatest inventor! You need no other information!
Alan Greasehops says: Hear! Hear!

Idee Quickcoil is next to the broken Mechagon robots across from Pascal-K1N6.

Gossip What makes a good leader?

Idee Quickcoil says: A sharp minded problem solver I can go to when my inventions go awry!
Yergin Galvaquad says: I want a leader that helps me realize my value in our community, and doesn't just see us as tools.
Tera Geotorque says: Gelbin creates things that make the world better. He keeps us moving, he keeps us safe. No one can look through the gnomes with Mekkatorque before us.
Alvin Teasprocket says: He listens and shares ideas from his prolific mind. He can untangle a mess that seems insurmountable, without losing his cool.
Pete Mixelgear says: He plays a mean harmonica.

Pegi Cogster is sitting next to the Meeting Stone for Operation: Mechagon.

Gossip What do you want in a leader?

Lelu Multipass says: If someone is willing to fight for us, protect us, I will follow them to the Blasted Lands and back again!
Pegi Cogster says: A good leader would give us ownership... and accountability. They would not micromanage us.
Spark Nimblecog says: They would have courage, and honesty - they would trust us and builds[sic] us up!
Abel Camhorn says: Why, Gelbin, he is the most magnanimous, big-hearted, big-brained, big-eared man to wear the heavy mantle of leading us wily gnomefolk.
Abel Camhorn says: I think that young man has done a right good job of it!

Quimby Sparklighter is near Rustbolt's southern gate, not far from Recycler Kerchunk.

Gossip What makes a good leader?

Quimby Sparklighter says: When one is as shiny as me, some can't see past the sparkle. A good leader is not fooled by superficial things.
Endora Enginator says: A good leader is there for their people.
Luka Morespark says: Want them not to be a dastard...
Raz L. Dazzle says: Gelbin is strong of heart... and he's not afraid to say what is really on his mind.

Flouresce Brightgear is on the hill behind the Meeting Stone, not far from Pegi.

Gossip What do you want in a leader?

Flouresce Brightgear says: I'd just like for someone to help us clean up this mess.
Lanna Statiglow says: Gelbin notices those who put in more effort, care more, try harder... he sees those that just make things better.

Stuard Sharpsprocket is sitting on a fence not far from Elya.

Gossip Why do you appreciate Gelbin Mekkatorque?

Stuard Sharpsprocket says: He shares his responsibilities, he is one of us. He is more than a leader, he is our friend.
Twyla Flickspring says: There is nothing Mekkatorque would not do to help a fellow gnome. His loyalty is to us first, the Alliance second... as it should be.
Jaska Aeroflange says: Mekkatorque's trust brings confidence. I don't know how to explain it better. When he tells me I can do a thing... you know what? I realize I can!
Briony Vandercog says: There is none I respect more.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: A good leader should have strong eyebrows. His are very commanding!

Turn in to Erazmin. Upon completion:

Prince Erazmin says: Intriguing. Your assistance is appreciated. Please share this data with Christy for analysis.


  1. A [40-70] Urgent Care (optional)
  2. A [40-70] Waning Energy
  3. A [40-70] Someone Who Can Help
  4. A [40-70] The Current Schematic
  5. A [40-70] Voyage to Safety
  6. A [40-70] Better... Stronger... Less Dead
  7. A [40-70] Him?
  8. A [40-70] Mental Attunement
  9. A [40-70] A Strong Heart
  10. A [40-70] Ascension
  11. A [40-70] The Future of Mechagon
  12. A [40-70] Propagate the News

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