HordeHippogryph Muisek
Start Gombana
End Gombana
Level 15-30
Category Feralas
Experience 3920
Previous H [15-30] Testing the Vessel
Next H [15-30] The Flow of Muisek


Kill 10 Frayfeather Hippogryphs of any type, then use the  [Hippogryph Muisek Vessel] to shrink and capture them.



The next step is hippogryphs.

As Master Uzer'i always said, hippogryphs have been loyal companions to the night elves for many years, an' their spirits are loyal and steadfast.

I don't think they'll miss a few, and I don't care if they do. We need the muisek of 10 frayfeather hippogryphs in the wilderness to the south.


Were you able to capture the hippogryphs?


Master always said "after killing an animal, if we allowed the muisek to escape, it may take the form of an even greater creature." This is dangerous stuff. Thanks for helping me with my studies.


You should be able to get a Muisek from any of the hippogryphs in Feralas. After you kill them, target the corpse and right-click on the  [Hippogryph Muisek Vessel] in your inventory. Make sure you loot the corpse first because it will disappear once the vessel is used. There is a short cooldown on the vessel, so you it is recommended that you use it as you go rather than waiting until slaying multiple hippogryphs.


  1. H [15-30] Testing the Vessel
  2. H [15-30] Hippogryph Muisek
  3. H [15-30] The Flow of Muisek
  4. H [15-30] Might of the Stonemaul
  5. H [15-30] To Camp Mojache
  6. H [15-30] The Darkmist Ruins
  7. N [15-30] The Darkmist Legacy, N [15-30] Ancient Suffering
  8. N [15-30] Verinias the Twisted
  9. H [15-30] Return to Sage Palerunner
  10. H [15-30] War on the Woodpaw
  11. H [15-30] Alpha Strike
  12. H [15-30] Treant Muisek
  13. H [15-30] Faerie Dragon Muisek
  14. H [15-30] Mountain Giant Muisek
  15. H [15-30] Weapons of Spirit
  16. H [15-30] Stinglasher, H [15-30] Zukk'ash Infestation
  17. H [15-30] Sasquatch Sighting
  18. H [15-30] The Hilltop Threat
  19. H [15-30] Taming The Tamers
  20. H [15-30] Twisted Sisters
  21. H [15-30] Ysondre's Call
  22. N [15-30] Taerar's Fall
  23. H [15-30] Ysondre's Farewell

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