For Hogger's actual appearance in Elwynn Forest, see Hogger. For Hogger's appearance in Stormwind Stockade, see Hogger (tactics).
Image of Hogger
Race Gnoll (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Affiliation(s) None
Location Forest's Edge, Elwynn Forest
Status Killable (in theory)

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Hogger is a level ?? Boss Riverpaw gnoll chieftain in southern Elwynn Forest. A quest exists offering a reward for his killing from the Westbrook Garrison in Elwynn Forest, near the border with Westfall, as the people who offer the rewards ignore Hogger's real power. He is, in fact, the direct chief of the Defias Brotherhood, surpassing even Edwin VanCleef.

Hogger has a reputation as a particularly dangerous encounter, primarily because he is one of, if not the only, boss that has wiped a whole 25-man raid in less then 10 seconds.


  • Spell shadow vampiricaura.png  Pierce Armor — Reduces Armor by 666%. Stacks up to 5 times. 
  • Inv gauntlets 05.png  Head Butt — Stuns for 3 seconds, silences for 6 seconds and does ten times basic melee damage in armor penetrating damage. Also lowers stamina by at least 300%. 
  • Ability warstomp.png  Rushing Charge Melee range — Increases movement speed by 66.6% for 3 seconds and quadruples the damage of the next blow. 
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Defile 80 yd range — Summons a circle of unholy energy that will expand and do more damage the more a player stands in it. Lasts 20 seconds. The Lich King mimics this attack. 
  • Spell deathknight gnaw ghoul.png  Summon Gnoll Zombie — Summons 2 Gnoll zombies that will attack the raid. They have 200 health and hit for around 42 with an attack speed of 1.50, ignoring any armor or defensive buffs for their damage. 
  • Inv sword 11.png  Disintegrate Armor — Destroys all Armor on 1 character, leaving him/her only in their tighty-whities and if female, bra. Decreases armor to 0, regardless of Agility. 

Enrage abilities

  • Inv helmet 01.png  Insane — 60 second self-buff. Kills everyone in front of the caster in a cone area, raising them as undead. Hogger takes control of all of the players' minds that were within the area of effect. Increases caster damage by 100% and armor by 500%. 
  • Ability warrior victoryrush.png  Hogger's Blast — Blasts a random target 40,000 km (circumference of the earth). Player has control over left/right movement during this knockback. If the player hits anything on the way, it deals (80k - distance traveled) damage. This will kill a player if he hits anything, and he/she will be too far away from the group for a rez. The damage on landing is large too, but a fully geared tank can survive with less than 10 health left if you are lucky. 
  • Ability racial bloodrage.png  Rage of Hogger — Passive. Any non-crit attack that hits Hogger procs Hogger's Rage, dealing twice the damage of the non-crit and spawning 3 embodiments of <insert damage type of non-crit here>, which have health equal to 5 times the non-crit and dealing a 3.0 speed melee dealing the exact damage of the non-crit. Note: if non-crit was physical, spawns Brute embodiments instead. 


Hogger has 1,000,000,000 health on normal difficulty and 100,000,000,000 on heroic difficulty.

Note: The strategies and tactics described below are for a raid of low level characters. Most could also work with high level characters, as, like all other ?? level mobs, his level is always 3 more than the level of the player he is attacking.


  • When you first enter from the road near Westfall, start clearing the trash around Hogger, they're on a fast respawn rate so you should keep moving until you reach Hogger. Though you may want to be careful with how much trash your raid group clears, as members may level up if too much trash is killed, thus defeating the point of the raid.
  • You need to designate one full group of tanks. Once the MT is hit by Head Butt, it is advisable to let another tank get aggro and have the afflicted one wait the debuff off.
  • The healers should set up a healing order so that none of them ever run out of mana.
  • DPS groups should watch aggro as if Hogger is pulled away from the tanks, he will quickly decimate the entire group, maybe even raid.
  • Healers should pull up the raid interface and drag everyone's name onto their screen for an easier time.
  • It is recommended that you pay Saurfang some homage, otherwise he might cleave you during your battle with Hogger. In fact, that's why Elwynn Forest and Darkshire are separated.


Hogger should be pulled only by the tanking group(s). Once combat is started, healers and DPS will have to be at full mana. The reason for the group of tanks is to switch them off whenever Head Butt hits. If you want, they can continue fighting but the healers will be burning much more mana on him/her. If any adds aggro during the fight, the DPS needs to focus fire and burn them down before going back to Hogger.

Phase 1

Hogger will spam Head Butt with no mercy. The raid will likely need to use slowing effects on him, and this phase will burn mana quite quickly. Fortunately, you only need to burn down 10% of his health before phase 2.

Phase 2

At 90%, Hogger will start Phase 2. He will still use Head Butt, but it seems to be on a 10 second cooldown (not timer). He will use Rushing charge whenever he switches targets, so tanks will not survive very long. The first tank will need to sit down after Head Butt, while tank 2 gets pummeled without Head Butt, and tank 3 gets Head Butt, Tank 4 gets pummeled without it, and by the time he gets to tank 5, tank 1 will probably be up again. Hogger often uses Disintegrate Armor at around 15% health. This Phase lasts until 10%.

Phase 3

Hogger will turn into the Lich King, wearing the Helmet of Domination and wielding Frostmourne. He will summon Gnoll zombies that hit for 50-60 damage and have 200 health each, use defile which players must immediately jump out of, and use Pierce Armor on random targets. He will stop using Head Butt and Rushing Charge, so it will be easier on the tank, but likely harder on the group.

Phase 4

Phase 4, Hogger reverts back to his normal form and from there on out it is a pure DPS race, if you do not finish him in under 7 seconds he casts "Fury of C.Norris" which kills all players online. If he is beaten then he will scream "I shall take you all with me!!!" and explode, killing all player on the server...


Hogger enrages after 10 seconds of fighting, angry that not everyone is dead yet. He will lose all previous abilities, gain his enrage abilities, gain 1000% armor, and deal twice as much damage. The embodiments aren't very dangerous, that is until too many spawn. Have an offtank pull the embodiments when they spawn and a small group to nuke them down. Their health is extremely low, and can be killed in seconds, but they will spawn at a very fast rate.

Hogger will use Hogger's blast more and more frequently the more time you spend on enrage, until all players are in the air, at which point he will reset. If you get hit with it, you must navigate around trees, caves, mountains, houses, etc. and get back to your raid. Though you will likely die upon landing, dying from impact means that you are far away from the raid group as you traverse all of azeroth when hit with this.


  • At least a 25-man raid
  • Full group of tanks.
  • Two Full group of healers (Priests Recommended).
  • At least 2 DPS groups.
  • The three others can be anything. (If more than 25)

Trash Mobs

Riverpaw Bandit, Brute, Herbalist, Miner, Mongrel, Mystic, Outrunner, Runt, Scout, Shaman, and Taskmaster
  • Hits for around 11-17 damage.
Young Forest Bear
  • Hits for around 16-18 damage.


  • No one should still be wearing their starting clothes. They should at least be wearing armor from the merchant in the starter towns (Goldshire, Kharanos, etc.)
  • It's recommended to have healers and DPS get gear enchanted with +mana/intellect while melee classes get +health/stamina.
  • Wear as much armor is possible for a level 1.
  • Bring plenty of copper for hefty repair bills.


  • For a more "raid" experience, only do it with 25-people. It's much more challenging.
  • Only do it with level 1 players.
  • Much more attractive for videos if everyone is blue/pink/green haired gnomes.

Blizzard Poster Reply in WOW europe forums: Hogger Tactical Guide

Hogger!!! | 2009-02-13 14:32 | Blizzard Entertainment Ancilorn

There are some tips for this encounter I can offer, whilst they never worked with me (I'm not really geared for the encounter yet), I hope they can be of use for you.

Firstly, ensure you have all members of you raid fully flasked with food buffs. This is something that goes without saying, I'm sure.

You need to note that hogger uses three key abilities in the encounter, of which he uses differently from phase to phase. Since no one to my knowledge has ever reached the third (and final) phase, my knowledge is limited at that point. You need to watch out in phase one for the Head Butt ability. It will stun an enemy, rendering it unable to move or attack for 2 seconds. This ability can be used on the main tank, and Hogger will show no mercy in how he uses this. In phase one he only uses this ability, so it's not too bad if you keep the DPS up and the main tank alive.

Phase 2, Hogger continues the headbut spam, and begins casting Rushing Charge, which increases his movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds and causes him to inflict additional damage on his next attack. This can be a real killer if your healers are not prepared, as when coupled with the Head Butt (they can be used in conjunction) it can be devestating. Keep the HoTs up and be sure to Bandage where needed, this is a long and arduous fight and healers will need all the mana they can get to keep up your tank.

Phase 3.. who knows, if you know then do tell!

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