HordeHolt Thunderhorn
Image of Holt Thunderhorn
Title Hunter Trainer,
Lore and Legends Legion
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 60
100 - 110 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff, Thunderhorn clan, Unseen Path
Location Hunter Rise, Thunder Bluff;
Trueshot Lodge
Status Alive

Holt Thunderhorn is a tauren hunter trainer located on Hunter Rise in Thunder Bluff. He directs hunters to Ormak Grimshot for questing.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Like many other hunters across the world, Holt joined the Unseen Path when the Burning Legion returned. He began working at Trueshot Lodge as a lore compiler and researcher on the artifacts of the Huntmaster and how they recovered them. He recorded his findings into the Tales of the Hunt.


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Artifact Research
Inv misc paperbundle02a.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volume I]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle02b.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I & II]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04a.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-III]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04b.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-IV]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04c.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-V]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04c.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VI]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04c.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VII]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04c.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-VIII]
1000 Order Resources
Inv misc paperbundle04c.png [Artifact Research Compendium: Volumes I-IX]
1000 Order Resources


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Thunder Bluff

Remember, all things are connected. If the beasts were gone from the land, our kind would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the Tauren. Whatever befalls Azeroth befalls all those that inhabit it.

Non-hunter gossip

I can not train you, young one.

Trueshot Lodge

I have had the pleasure of watching you grow from a young <race> into the finest hunter in all of Azeroth.

Your tales must be written so that all may know of your deeds and the history of your great weapon.

Gossip Did the tauren play a role in building this lodge?

When the elves who founded the Unseen Path left Mount Hyjal to return to the Broken Isles, the Highmountain tauren recognized the nobility of their cause and offered them friendship. It was the descendants of Huln Highmountain who led the Unseen Path to this peak.
Since the Legion's return, the Highmountain have helped restore the lodge, such as replacing two damaged watch towers with tauren structures.

Gossip Why can't I research Artifact Knowledge?

The Orders are sharing their resources, and you are no longer required to research Artifact Knowledge. Together, we have researched all possible Artifact Knowledge.
Research unlocked

Gossip Let's continue research on my artifact.

Artifact Research Notes picked up (first time)
A weapon of legend, that's what you hold. I've uncovered some of its history, and have written it here so that all might partake in its glory.
Holt turns to Tales of the Hunt and points to it.
I'll keep inscribing anything I find here. It's worth taking a look if you have some time.
New pages unlocked with Artifact Research Notes used
  • I added some more of your weapon's history to the tome. You should take a look when time permits.
  • I've added another part to the tome on your weapon's history. It'll be a good read if you have a minute or two.
  • I've scribed some more history on your weapon if you'd like to take a look.
  • If you're interested in reading some of the translated history of your weapon, I just added an entry in the tome.
  • Some fascinating history turned up on your weapon. I added it to the tome if you want to give it a read.
  • This weapon of yours has proven to have had quite the colorful past. I added some new translations to the tome if you're interested.
Tales of the Hunt completed
Well, that's it, <name>. After weeks of research, I think we've exhausted every scrap of history we could find about your weapon.
Thank you for dedicating so many resources to these efforts. I hope what we've learned about your weapon has proved useful.
I just added the final chapter to our book. You should definitely give it a read.

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