Holy Shield
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  • Holy Shield
  • Level 15 Protection paladin talent
  • Passive
  • Your block chance is increased by 15%, you are able to block spells, and your successful blocks deal (9.828% of Attack power) Holy damage to your attacker.
Usable by
Class Paladin
Other information
Level available 15

Holy Shield is a level 15 Protection paladin talent.

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.0 (2017-08-29): New icon.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Changed from a level 100 talent to passive level 15 talent. Block chance improvement reduced from 15% to 10%.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Re-added, redesigned.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Removed.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Redesigned. This talent is now an activated ability off the global cooldown. It grants 20% increased block amount to a paladin's shield blocks for 10 seconds, with a 30-second cooldown.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): No longer increases chance to block. Instead, it increases the amount blocked by an additional 10%, for a total of 40% damage blocked.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Redesigned. No longer an active spell, doesn't use charges, doesn't deal any damage upon blocking, and no longer uses spell-ranks. Instead a buff that is gained by using certain other spells. The chance to block is also reduced to 15% down from 30%. Duration is increased to 20 seconds, up from 8.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.2.0 (2009-08-04): It is no longer possible to have two ranks of this ability active at the same time.

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