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VenthyrHome Improvement
Start Foreman Flatfinger
End Foreman Flatfinger
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 4,750
Rewards 12g 87s
Previous N [60] A Coalition of the Willing (optional)
Next N [60] Binding Power


Start a Sanctum Upgrade.


I've been finkin' of a bit of ways we could improve the place, but since you brought in all of the anima and souls to do it, I fink you should be the one to decide which improvement we start on first.

Don't get overwhelmed. As you bring in more anima and find more willin' souls, we'll be able to bring more capabilities to the place. For now, a single upgrade will fit the bill.


You will receive:

  • 12g 87s
  • 4,750 XP


Take your time. The first step's always the hard one.


Good choice.

It'll take some time for the construction work to finish, but good fings take time don't they?


Upon completion
The Accuser says: There is much greater power to be obtained, Maw Walker. Approach and all will be revealed.


  1. N [60] Report to Draven
  2. N [60] Sinfall
  3. N [60] The Court of Harvesters
  4. N [60] Sacred Covenant
  5. N [60] Anima Awakening
  6. N [60] Building Your Renown
  7. N [60] The Court's Bounty
  8. N [60] A Call to Service
  9. N [60] Anima is Power
  10. N [60] Into the Reservoir
  11. N [60] The Souls Plight
  12. N [60] Back into the Darkness
  13. N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
  14. N [60] Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
  15. N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
  16. N [60] Rule 3: Trust is Earned
  17. N [60] Hopeful News
  18. N [60] Souls for Sinfall
  19. N [60] A Coalition of the Willing (optional breadcrumb)
  20. N [60] Home Improvement
  21. N [60] Binding Power
  22. N [60] Strengthening the Bond
  23. N [60] A Conduit For Change
  24. N [60] Our True Purpose

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