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For the mob in Karazhan, see Homunculus (Karazhan).

A homunculus, plural homunculi, is a type of undead construct so lifelike so as to be undetectable, even by undead-hunting experts such as Lilian Voss. Homunculi speak in coherent thoughts, and their skin is well-preserved. However, when sliced open a green liquid pours out of their bodies. The dreadlords of the Burning Legion started to use them during the third invasion of the Burning Legion to infiltrate their enemies, in reaction to the demon hunters' ability to detect demons in disguise.[1] Despite this recent use, they are not a recent invention: homunculi have been known to Azeroth since at least as far back as the First War. Kirin Tor doctrine frowns upon making homunculi, but some such as Khadgar understand the principles involved in creating them.[2]

Known homunculi[]



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