AllianceHoneyback Hive
Race(s) IconSmall Bee.gif Bee
Theater of operations Stormsong Valley
Status Active

The Honeyback Hive is a bee hive in Stormsong Valley.

Finding the hive

After obtaining Bumbles or Seabreeze Bumblebee, go to Mildenhall Meadery[69, 64] and approach Barry.

On approach
Barry says: Oi, you there. Seems to be a new hive in town. Keep an eye out!
Barry says: Looks like your little fellow is on to something. It might be able to lead you to their nest!

A green trail appears. It is not required to follow it, just fly to Tidebreak Summit.[63, 27]

Finding Honeyback Hivemother
A loud buzzing sounds on your approach!
Barry says: Woah there, Your Majesty! I'm sure our new friend meant no harm.
Barry says: She appears to be defending her hive. Can't blame her, really. Maybe you can ah... find a little something to convince her to let us in?
Entering the cave

You are not supposed to enter the hive's cave, but if you do:

The cave starts to buzz angrily at your intrusion!
The player is teleported outside and has the Many Painful Stings debuff.

To continue, find  [Thin Jelly] near and give it to the Hivemother

Speaking with the Honeyback Hivemother
<The enormous bee buzzes angrily at you.>
Gossip ...
Honeyback Hivemother brandishes her stinger menacingly!
Barry discreetly beckons you over.
Barry says: Hey, I have an idea. Come here.
Speaking with Barry
Just let me do the talking, stranger! I have a knack for this sort of thing.
<Barry winks at you.>
Gossip Uh, sure?
Barry says: We should probably start with introductions.
Barry and the Hivemother dance.
Barry says: My... name... is... Barry!
Honeyback Hivemother shimmies.
Barry says: Pleased... to... meet... you!
Honeyback Hivemother wiggles.
Barry says: Huh. Very ... Interesting! Continue!
Honeyback Hivemother spins.
Barry says: Leave ... it... to... me!
Barry says: There we are. See? Nothing to worry about.
Barry says: What? You didn't catch that? Haha. Come on inside. I'll explain.
Both enter the cave.
Speaking with Barry
They've certainly made themselves at home, haven't they?
Now then. I'm sure you have questions. Ol' Barry here is happy to answer!
What can I help you with?
Gossip What was that all about?
What was what about?
Oh, the Hivemother?
My friend, you really ought to learn to speak bee.
She told me that this hive is new to this region. No idea where they might have come from, but they're here now. They are going to keep things moving and the like. Something about ettins and bears.
Regardless, I told her we would help her out. So if you happen to spot an opportunity to help our new friends, I'm sure they'd be grateful.
Gossip What do you mean?
Barry says: You might start by taking that bit of jelly you found and feeding it to this here larva. Couldn't hurt.
Interacting with the Nascent Harvester
<The bee larva wiggles occasionally within its honeycomb.>
Gossip <Offer  [Thin Jelly]>
Barry says: There you go. Jelly makes the world go round, at least as far as the hive is concerned.
Barry says: I bet if you find more, you could really begin to earn their trust. I'll be outside if you need me.
Barry walks outside.



Faction description

A species of bee known for their unusual size. While newcomers to Stormsong Valley, they quickly made their presence known to adventurers and insect enthusiasts alike.


<Honeyback Hive Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Alluring Bloom]
Honored Technique: Glyph of Dire Bees Technique
 [Summit Zephyr]
Revered  [Beeholder's Goggles]
Exalted Butterfly Net (rare)

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