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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Hong Liu was a pandaren and one of the three most revered brewmasters alongside Chou Ling Sing and Xiang, and they had a frequent and friendly rivalry. Hong put his name on his brews.[1]

Hong's Bravery Brew

Hong's Bravery Brew is a creamy stout that is quaffed by pandaren before battles, giving the soldiers a drink together to establish camaraderie and kinship. Drinking this with someone forges a brother-like bond, says pandaren legend. While not sure of that, those lucky enough to sample this thick, bittersweet drink know the worth of it. This drink is a favorite specifically of dwarves on the battle lines.

After developing a brew for soldiers to drink before battle, Hong decided they would need something for the post-battle thirst. Taking into account the physical and emotional toll battle can take, he developed Hong's Fighting Lager, a light wheat lager containing hints of honey and citrus.[2] Combat is a state of grace amongst the shodo-pan of the Pandaren Empire, and as much as it is an art form, it is thirsty work. Hong's fighting lager revives fatigued and frightened soldiers and warriors after fighting a long and difficult battle. It is also highly valued for its crisp wheat taste and subtle honey and citron-like accents.[3]